KSI Taunts Bieber Over His Claim of Defeating Him in The Ring

Popular pop singer and YouTube sensation gets taunted by former YouTuber and recently turned boxer, KSI after Bieber claims that he can easily defeat KSI on a boxing match.

It all started after the Bieber’s close friend and another recently turned boxer, and KSI defeated former YouTuber in a boxing match held on 10th November 2019. Bieber was one of the attended of the rematch. The former social media icons fought against each other last year, too, which ended up as a draw match. In their first match, Logan took the lead but was slowed down later by a remarkable comeback from KSI. Even though Logan was taunting and gesturing the rival throughout the match, KSI didn’t seem to lose his cool and waited for the right moment to hit the right spot.

In the last, which was held recently, KSI was attacking and defensive equally. He kept his cool like always, but he grew his reflexes and speed remarkably over the few months, which came as a surprise for Logan.

Where Bieber comes in the picture?

Bieber is a close friend of Logan. He went to the rematch to cheer up his friend. After the defeat of his friend, the popstar took the internet to call out for a challenge to KSI.

The match ended as a victory for KSI after he defeated Logan Paul by two points. After the defeat, KSI broke down in tears and later bragged about the win. But before the showdown, Bieber was reportedly praising his friend as the winner.

During a recent interview with Pier Morgan, KSI warned Justin Bieber to hold his mic and stay away from the ring after Morgan asked him whether he would like to have a match with Bieber in the Good Morning Britain show.

It has been reported that Bieber was taking boxing training from Mayweather. He earlier used to walk Floyd Mayweather to the ring. Mayweather is a former pound-for-pound king. Apart from training with Mayweather, Bieber also took training from former British heavyweight champion David Haye.

A few months back, Bieber made the headlines after he challenged the 57 years, Hollywood heartthrob, Tom Cruise to a fight. Bieber, in his twitter post, also tagged Dana White, UFC’s president. \

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It is even rumored that the co-CEO of William Morris Endeavour, the owner of the popular fight show, UFC, called Bieber’s Manager, White, and Scooter Braun.

Tom Cruise is also claimed to have been in this popularity celebrity fight show. The celebrity fight show has gained lots of popularity in recent years. Be that as it may, talks for the new age cash standoff have since come to nothing.

“I have that beast in me, and I don’t stop, he hit me with illicit shots, it was ludicrous,” KSI – presently the pleased proprietor of a 1-0 record – crowed after the battle. “Be that as it may, I don’t stop. I have quieted him down. Your kid is upbeat, successful, cheerful days.”

As KSI thrived toward the finish of his expert introduction, promising those ringside that he presently wanted to direct his concentration toward a profession in the music business, an unhappy Paul paced the ring, the tycoon playboy all of a sudden particularly alone. LA is the loneliest and generally merciless of American urban areas. What’s more, Paul had discovered the harsh exercise that boxing is the most populist of sports. Inside the ring: rank, age, shading, and riches are insignificant.

He took it thoughtfully, from the outset. “You had my regard before the battle since you are perhaps the hardest individuals I know. All that I said before the battle was simply refuse to sell this,” he stated, sweetly. And afterward, Shannon Briggs, his mentor, got in his ear, yelling uproariously about an intrigue. “Be that as it may, I think the two-point finding was brutal, I am not content with the commission about that, I think in the event that you crunch the numbers that cost me the battle,” he rapidly.

In the interim, KSI’S next battle could be a standard big-name whiz after Eddie Hearn uncovered SIX tremendous names have called him needing to take him on. The Boxing advertiser uncovered probably the greatest names in-game, music, and acting a battle against the British YouTube sensation extravagantly. Hearn uncovered several those to call him “can truly battle” as he seeks the future for KSI following his success – in a split second prompting gossipy tidbits that Bieber was one of them. Talking after the battle, Hearn stated: “I’ve had five or six calls this week from most likely the most prominent individuals in their fields, from sport, music, acting.

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“They stated, ‘don’t utter a word, however, would I be able to battle the champ?’ “So now we need to take a gander at that and by the manner in which a few of them can truly battle.” When inquired as to whether he could give an indication with respect to who the renowned countenances were, Hearn answered: “No, I guaranteed I wouldn’t. “For the present, it was an investigation that went truly well, and I truly delighted in it.

Individuals censured it. At that point, individuals began jumping aboard. At that point, individuals began profiting by the numbers and the group of spectators. Next thing, everyone cherishes it. “We’ll process, we’ll audit it, as usual, we’ll plan a technique.

“Anything that develops this game we love, I am all up for a while, ensuring we generally regard the code.”

A little more about the show

The internet is thrilled to hear the names of the next contestant for the famous celebrity fight show. After the last match which was held between former YouTube stars, Logan Paul and KSI, it has been reported that numerous celebrities have approached Eddie Hearn for a fight against KSI.

The last match, which was held at Staples Center, was one of the biggest internet events of the year in which Olajide Olayinka Williams JJ Olatunji, better known as KSI all around the world won against Logan Paul in a split decision where the result was 55-56 57-54 56-55. Logan lost the match by two points.

Numerous celebrities from different industries, such as sports, music, and acting, have approached Hearn for arranging a match. But when asked regarding the names of the celebrities, Hearn refused to spill the beans.

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