Why We Need Our Businesses to be Eco-Friendly

Businesses to be Eco-Friendly

Being eco-friendly is an important aspect of any business, especially in 2020 when the planet is suffering severely from global warming and rising oceans. However, there has never been a better time to make everything about your business greenier and eco-friendly. The accessibility to eco-friendly tools and accessories for your business with virtually everything being online means you’re free to start making greener changes whenever you feel it is right. Businesses often use the way they run as an excuse to not be eco-friendly but the reality is, any business can change and improve their carbon footprint. Whether you’re a digital agency using offices with a lot of lighting and you could change to smart lighting, or you’re a delivery company choosing to use electrical cars rather than petrol or diesel, every little change helps the planet. 

Below is a quick list of tips on how to make your business more eco-friendly and some examples of those businesses who are topping the eco game, making headlines with their changes and doing the planet a lot of good. 

1. Replace your lighting with smart lighting

Above we briefly mentioned any businesses with offices could do their small part within saving the planet and change to smart lighting. Why should your business do this? Not only will it save you money on bills in the long-term (since smart lighting will automatically go off if there is no one in the building!). It also means your lighting can be controlled by a smart assistant or controlled remotely. There is no need to worry about accidentally leaving the light on anymore! Plus, the reduction in energy reduces your carbon footprint and means you’re doing some positive for the planet. 

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2. Get solar panels

If you have the money and you think it would work for your business, getting solar panels is a great way to do your bit for the earth. Adding solar panels to your company vehicles to collect energy or adding them to the roof of your office is a great way to use natural energy rather than what you were using before. According to truckcraftbodies.co.uk, their delivery vans and trucks have a fitted solar panel above that is connected to a battery. This then powers the onboard systems within the truck. It’s kinda neat and we love how much it benefits our world. 

3. Add greenery

Wherever possible, add greenery to your workspace. Whether it’s an office or you work from home running your business. Greenery is amazing for a number of reasons, not only does having greenery around you increase your physical and mental health, it also improves the overall air quality. If your business has an office then having a range of beautifully-looking and smelling plants is sure to keep your employees spirits high! We all need plants in our life, it’s actually the case that many offices don’t have plants but you can do something for the planet by having some plants in your space.

4. Recycle

Recycling has been a key element of many people’s home lives for a long time. However, when it comes to recycling in work, a lot of people fail to do so. This is because many offices don’t offer their workers and employees recycling bins to put their paper and plastic. 

One basic step towards a more eco-friendly business is to ensure you’re recycling everything you use, but also that your employees have the chance to recycle their things too like after having a ready-made sandwich for lunch. Don’t worry about your employees using these bins either, the longer they’re available and the more you push using them, the more likely people will get into the habit of putting their items in the correct bin. Recycling is a basic but effective way to be eco-friendly. 

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5. Repurpose furniture

If you have found that there are countless pieces of furniture around your office that needs to be thrown out, repurpose it where you can! Add colour to old chairs and maybe even spruce up desks, whatever you need to do, it’s possible as long as you use your creative imagination. Your office could look completely different if you repurpose old office furniture but you’re still doing something for the planet too. There is no point in paying a large amount of new and sparkling furniture when repurposed is better for the environment and costs significantly less. In fact, you can often buy old furniture for a very low price, a great benefit to your finances and our planet.

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