How does cycling promote good health?

Who does not want to have good health? Everyone around us desires a good physique and a healthy living experience. It is a proven truth that what we fear most is the risk of failing our health. So we take initiatives to keep our health good. However, after coming back from the tight schedule of your office, you would not have time or encouragement to indulge in a boring schedule of sit-ups and push-ups. And ask about diet. Could you tell me that you are not lured to death when someone eats pizza with an extra cheese crust? So diet is not quite possible. Luckily, there is a one-stop solution for all of us. Cycling it is.

Now, most of us learn how to ride a bike or cycle as a necessity, as a mode of easy transportation. Who would have thought cycling can be a good way of burning your extra calories? Well, it is. One hour of cycling is way better than sweating in the gym. Of course, it does not help you build lean muscle, but cycling keeps you healthy for all ages. Moreover, you do not have to take time out of your busy day to ride a bike. You can ditch your office car and ride a bike and reach your office. Is not it cool to stay fit while at the same time doing daily routine work?

Why cycling is better than hard-core exercise?

Here are some reasons why you should take out your old cycle from your garage and give it a go.

Engages leg muscle:

Like swimming, cycling involves most of the muscles of your lower body. The main muscles that are engaged during cycling activity are the hamstrings of the upper legs and the quadriceps. When you are pedalling your cycle, these two muscles are in contraction that creates a pedalling sequence. The soleus and the gastrocnemius muscles in the calves are also actively involved during cycling. During cycling, your posture is also improved.

Less dangerous way of exercising:

Cycling is a safe way of exercising. You cannot be seriously injured during this activity. It does not cause much strain. Cycling is such an activity that is suitable for people from every age group. This makes cycling a very convenient way of exercising. While strict weight training can lead to a muscle tear, one hour of cycling can only lead to happiness.

You can control the intensity level:

If you are enrolled in a fitness regimen class, you have to adhere to the strict routine of the trainer. Though your routine is under your level and capacity, sometimes you do not feel good and you need to slow down. While in other forms of exercise, you have to depend on your trainer to tell you when to slow down, in cycling you can control the intensity level as you require.

The easier way to work out:

Cycling is one of the easiest ways of involving into physical activity. Unlike other sports like football, baseball, hockey, cycling is a docile sport. Most of us learn to ride the bicycle as children and never forget it. So when we want to be physically active we can take refuge in this childhood sport. Unlike, other forms of rigorous hard work like gym, swimming, aerobics, weight training, cycling is an easier way of losing belly fat.

Accomplishes daily routine works:

Cycling is also a necessary activity for our daily lives. Imagine you have to take the bus to reach your workplace every day. Say it takes one hour including traffic on the main road. Now, if you take a cycling rout you can avoid traffic and be your chauffeur on the way to your office. Moreover, you can effectively indulge in physical labour and accomplish important work (going to your office). Isn’t it a total win-win?

Admit it, it is fun:

Cycling is always a fun activity. You can ride a cycle solo or in a group. You can take it to an adventurous level. This way, you will never stop cycling. Cycling is a good way of staying fit and it is never a boring activity. You can ride a bike in any place, including the cliffy road or a sandy beach, any road can be your runway. Whereas other forms of exercise keep you within the bounds of the four walls, cycling will allow you to smell the breeze of the spring air.

Saves time:    

A cycle is the most time-efficient way of transport for small house chores. Suppose you have to go to the grocery store. Of course, you can walk down the street. On your way back you have to carry some bags in your hands and walk again till you reach your home. If you choose to bid adieu to walk and try your hands at cycling, it will be time-saving. Secondly, you do not have to carry the bags in your hands. You can just put the carry bags in the basket or on the carrier of your cycle and pedal towards your house.


A cycle does not cost much. Almost every household has at least a cycle in their garage. So cycles have a high level of availability in every country of the world. For some people who live in some interior place, a gym may not be available, but a cycle is highly available to them. So statistically speaking, the cycle is the most available form of transport and exercise. (

If you have a free soul, you will love to ride a bicycle. Once, you feel the taste of freedom while roaming through the urban streets or the rejuvenating green of the sylvan sceneries, there is no stopping. You can feel yourself again. And if it proves to be great for your health, which it will, you can never stop cycling. Hence, cycling is the perfect amalgamation of exercise, fun, and necessity.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a cycle and pedal away. Say goodbye to boring exercise routines and say hi to a good body and fresh mind.

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