100 vampire novels: Experience the uncanny and supernatural

100 vampire novels

The inception of vampire stories began with “The Vampyre’ by William Polidori when Mary Shelley devoted her time to devising the masterpiece Frankenstein- a gothic, supernatural tale of creature and creation. Since then, the sense of eerie and supernatural has wondered humankind. Moreover, Gothic tradition can be traced back as early as the medieval period with its large long doms and play of light and darkness. Since then, modernism has reworked gothic and uncanny, and human imagination has enriched the genre. Vampire novels have occupied popular imagination with Bram Stoker’s Dracula and have been retold in many ways. Thus, in this piece, we have picked the best stories to read from our curated chart of 100 vampire novels that will make sure you feel the eerie creeping into your psyche. 


The figure of the vampire protagonist with its thirst for warm human blood and sensuality have been romanticized in today’s age. The most outstanding example would be Edward and Bella from Twilight, whose love story became quite a sensation in the early decade.

Moreover, not only vampires, but these books also deal with chilling stories of vampires, their laws and customs in the strange world beyond the human realm, and their romanticized and repulsive encounter with humans.

Intriguing enough? Let us explore the fascinating tales that can account for in the list of 100 vampire novels.

Dracula: 100 vampire novels

The first on the list we have, Dracula by Stoker, has significantly impacted the popular imagination regarding these supernatural creatures. A primitive fiend crosses Europe to capture Britain, through the control of his claim blood seeks by a little bunch of human animals, driven by Teacher Abraham Van Helsing. The fantastic novel that permanently engraved vampire tales onto the open awareness.

Dracula Unbound

Joe Bodenland near Utah makes a chilling discovery of a grave with a monster in the guise of humans that experienced the dinosaurs once. It entails an uncanny story of humans’ captivity by Lord Dracula devising to prevail his power again. Brian Wilson Aldiss engraved the tale through his verse.

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The Vampire Tapestry

Suzy Mckee Charnas, Dr. Edward Lewis Weyland, stays as a professor in the morning, but he transforms and acquires supernatural powers to drink human blood at night. This drinking urge reveals in four pieces. 

Certain Dark Things 

Silvia Moreno Garcia satisfies its myth-making folklore and action depicting an infatuation encounter between Domingo, a street kid, and Atl, an ancient vampire. Their story cooks up a tale of bloody infatuation, which counts in our list of 100 vampire novels.

‘Salem’s Lot

Stephen King, indeed the undoubted ruler of the vampire tale, mesmerizes us in breath-taking suspense and weaves a story of the ghost of Jerusalem who made inhabitants of Maine succumb to darkness once. This has a severe impact on the present inhabitants, and the story recounts the tale of horror.


Stephen Meyer’s, Twilight also made its Hollywood adaptation due to its immense popularity that fascinated the young generation. It captures the virtue of love between two contrasting entities who are doomed to be parallel lines forever and weaves a love story that seems eternal between Edward, who appeals to young Bella. They occupy a liminal space in the human and vampire realm and find a recluse in their love. 


Butler’s Fledgling explores the racial dimension of sexual desire through the protagonist with amnesia finding herself to be a fifty-three vampire at the age of ten.

Better Off Red 

Rebekah Weatherspoon in this erotic, supernatural trilogy shows Ginger Carmichael. He is the protagonist inclusion in an elite sorority later revealed as a pact with blood lusty vampires.

I Am Legend  

Made into a film by Will Smith’s, it is based on Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend. Robert Neville’s story, and only survivor of a vampire epidemic, explores the pandemic’s mysterious cause that wiped the entire human race. 


Robin McKinely protagonist, known as Sunshine, alternatively Rae, a proficient baker in a cafe established by her family. However, her need for a break brings doom that looms large when she goes out to relax at the waterside cabin. The others’ undisclosed attack turns her world upside down in this spine-chilling tale. Moreover, this happens when she fails to perceive the upcoming doom.

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Fat White Vampire Blues 

Andrew Fox creates Jules Duchon, who is far from being a regular vampire figure who weighs almost 450 pounds. In no way can he be regarded as appealing by his external features. In the story, suddenly, he needs to contend with a new figure of a vampire. Moreover, the vampire was residing and lurking in the neighborhood, adopting a disguise of a guy called Malice X. Besides, the bloodthirst vampire who seems young delights us with its unique storytelling. Moreover, he also shows the hard side of living as a vampire.

The Historian: 100 vampire novels

Elizabeth Kostova’s sparkling novel was a debut one by the author. The story of The Historian by Kostova portrays a tale of an adult woman and her discovery of something uncanny from her father’s library driven by her curiosity as she gets hold of a remnant that dates back to an old century, utilized for the service to a ruler of the ancient era.

The protagonist seems to suffer a moral dilemma in deciding to accept or reject the newly discovered gauntlet. Moreover, she knows this will make her encounter a chilling and uncanny query. Moreover, It will also be responsible for bringing dooms for historians since time immemorial. Besides, everyone attempted to find a possible reconciliation with the identity of the figure of Vlad known as the Impaler.

With these, we conclude our top picks from the list of 100 vampire novels. Those who find intrigue in reading spooky accounts can satisfy their goth temperament with these novels. These recount and redefine horror in the figure of ancient vampires. Sometimes they appear as Dracula in the graveyard and sometimes a sweet human disguise. The latter is lusty for human blood and preying upon innocent humans to satisfy the urge.

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