Industries That Will Be Itching For The End Of The Global Pandemic

Global Pandemic

The past 12 months have been a torrid time for the entire world as we have all been affected in one way or another by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. Because of this, many industries in the world have been affected, but today thought we’d take a look at the industries that have struggled the most during this period, and which industries will be itching for the end of the global pandemic.

The first industry that will be screaming out for the lockdown restrictions to be lifted across the globe would be the travel and tourism industry. Of course, due to many restrictions around the globe including many countries shutting their boarders all together, the idea of travelling during this time and potentially spreading the virus further was something that was very frowned upon. Because of this, travel stocks have hit the floor and struggled over this year and will be itching for restrictions to be lifted to ensure we can all get back on our holidays again which many of us truly miss. 

Furthermore, the hospitality industry is the next industry that will be crying out for the end of the pandemic as they have also been an industry that has been shut for the majority of the past year. This was down to the fact that many governments viewed pubs, clubs and restaurants as areas of high spread for the virus and therefore has deemed them as dangerous so therefore they have stayed shut for the majority of the last year. Many of these types of businesses have come out and said that they might struggle to make it to the summer if they aren’t provided help by their local governments to help see them through the pandemic.

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And finally, the last industry that seems to have struggled during this period has been that of land-based gambling sites such as betting shops and casinos. This is again due to the similar reasons to the hospitality industry as these areas were dubbed as one of the more high-risk areas for the spread of the virus. Again, they have been forced to stay close for the majority of the pandemic, but this have created a space in the market for their online casinos, like this list here, who have actually seen a rise in numbers during the pandemic as many have been forced to stay at home and have used these online casino sites as a form of entertainment. These particular casinos guarantee that your gambling fun won’t be limited at any point by the gamstop scheme.

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