5 Modern Workplace Trends to Embrace to Boost Productivity

modern workplace

Does your workplace need an injection of inspiration? Over time, both large and small companies can become bland and static, lacking innovation and fresh ideas.

If you’re ready to create a more modern workplace, great idea! By changing how your company operates, you can increase profits and attract new staff.

To get started, keep reading to find five modern workplace trends that can boost productivity and increase company morale.

1. A Modern Workplace Embraces Flexibility

The modern workplace is ok with employee flexibility. Gone are the days when everyone clocked in at nine and left at five.

Instead, companies have realized that staff need flexibility when it comes to working hours. Some staff prefer to start early, others late in the day.

This makes it easier for commuting, childcare, and other life commitments. Job-seekers are increasingly looking for companies that allow flexible working hours.

2. Focus on Mental Wellness

There is an increased focus on mental health and work-life balance. Companies have noticed that working long hours only leaves staff exhausted.

If you want staff to be productive, they need to be well-rested, happy, and comfortable, so businesses should provide resources to look after stall wellbeing. You can do this by offering access to mental health support, fresh fruit and veggies in the break room, and establishing an employee assistance program.

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3. Allow Remote Work

Working from home and hiring remote workers is one of the biggest workplace trends in recent years. Businesses that allow remote work can hire staff from anyone in the world, opening the doors to a much larger pool of recruits.

Remote work also allows for lower overheads, increased productivity, and higher rates of employee satisfaction.

4. Video Calls

Face-to-face meetings are no longer necessary for all of your company business. Instead, connect internally or with your external stakeholders via free video meetings.

Tools such as Skype and Zoom let companies connect virtually, offering video and audio for one-on-one or large group meetings.

5. Encourage Collaboration

With collaboration, you can accomplish more than you would on your own. Companies are collaborating between teams or even with charities and groups to pool resources and manpower to create new projects and initiatives.

If you’re bringing groups together for projects, name tags for employees are a good way to help everyone get to know each other.

Incorporate These Workplace Trends Into Your Business

If you’re hoping to create a more modern workplace, try to bring the above trends into your office.

By making a few changes to how your company operates, you can attract new workers, keep your current staff happy, and stand out as a progressive and forward-thinking company. If you need help, some businesses find that bringing in a change management consultant can oversee the process.

Get started today and you’ll be on track to modernizing your workplace!

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