Pre-Employment Drug Screenings: All That You Must Know

Pre-Employment Drug Screenings

Drug tests prior to securing employment have become common across workplaces in the US today. As soon as your application for a job gets short-listed, you may be called in for the drug test as per the state policy. The policies related to drug tests may differ from company to company. While some conduct the test on the pre-employment stage, others make it contingent on renewing employment contracts. Lets know everything about the pre employment drug screenings.

Some companies even conduct random drug tests in their office from time to time. So even if you have a secured job and settled life, you cannot really avoid these tests in the long run. Failing these tests cannot just cost you one job; it can have a damaging impact on your entire career.

Given the nature of these tests and their importance, it is natural to feel anxious before undergoing such a screening. Understanding the process in detail and learning about some basic tricks can assail your fear to a great extent.

So go through this detailed guide that walks you through every aspect of drug tests by employers.

Why Are Drug Tests Conducted In Workplace?

A common question that many employees ask is why these tests are conducted by employers at all.  In fact, statistics reveal that the accumulated cost for these tests across workplaces crosses several hundred dollars. So if your employer is making such a heavy investment, there must be solid reasons behind it.

There are several factors involved here, including federal and state laws along with healthy corporate culture. For certain workplaces that include safety-sensitive tasks, undertaking them in an inebriate state can pose serious safety threats. So the rules have made it mandatory for such places to conduct frequent drug tests.

Drug tests also discourage the employees from engaging in behaviors that risk their own health and that of others. Since the hiring team has no way of finding out about a prospective employer’s past, drug tests are found to be reliable. It helps them identify potential violators or possessors of illegal substances.

In general, employees without any history of substance abuse tend to be more productive than others.

 Clearly, a lot is at stake for the companies, too, over these tests. So there is no way that they will take a lax attitude about these tests.

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The Drug Test Procedure

There are several ways in which employers may choose to screen their human resources for drug use. If the test is mandated by the authorities, the guidelines laid down by them have to be followed. Otherwise, employers may choose any means of tests so long as it is compliant with the rules of the state.

Both blood and urine samples may be used for the test. But employers generally prefer to go for the urine test as they are more convenient, cost-efficient, and accurate. Your urine sample may be collected in the office or a lab or clinic as assigned to you by the employer.

Typically, sample collection for urinalysis does not take more than a few minutes. It is also very important to note here that the law does not allow your employers to invade your privacy for the test. This means you can collect your own sample without the direct visual supervision of another person.

To prevent any adulteration, colorful dyes are usually mixed in the toilet water. Other popular methods of drug tests tried these days include hair tests, collection of oral fluids, sweat, and breath.  

Accuracy Rate Of Drug Test

The accuracy of the test largely depends on the lab where the tests are conducted. If your employer opts for a certified lab, the results are usually highly accurate. The standard labs maintain proper documentation that relates the specimen to the person tested. So there is written proof for the collected samples.

Further, there are two sets of tests that samples go through. An initial screening is carried out for all the samples. The samples that test positive among them are then sent for the second round of confirmation tests. The confirmation test is much more complex and ensures that there are no false positives due to medications.

Given the complex procedure, these tests are almost always reliable and leave little space for objection. So it is important that you take necessary precautions before the test, rather than hoping for miracles.

Dealing With Drug Test

Many people stay under the notion that skipping your booze or other recreational drugs for a day or two is enough to pass these tests. But in reality, it is not so. The remains of the substance that you take remain in your system for a long time. This means the tests can easily detect it even when you pause your consumption for a while.

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But does that mean life has to be all work and no play? Not at all. You can explore a high quality synthetic urine kit from The Original Whizzinator at to help you out of tricky situations. The fake genitals that come with synthetic urine are similar to the original urine in color and composition. The temperature, too, is the same as the original urine. 

So there is no way the labs can detect that the samples are adulterated. With the help of such products, you can pass these tests without having to fear the results. Random tests can indeed steal away all your peace and calm of mind. 

Summing Up

Drug tests have become a common part of work culture now. While you cannot skip these tests, you must know your rights too. Employers must maintain total transparency of how the samples were stored and tested. Further, it is important that they comply with the various guidelines issued by the state while conducting these tests.

Ultimately, these tests are designed to increase security and encourage a positive work culture. So if you ensure that your actions do not lead to suspicion, you will not be subjected to random checks. Now that you have the complete information available to you face the tests more confidently and win over your fears. 

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