5 Simple Steps to Build an Effective Guest Posting Strategy

Guest Posting Strategy

The viability of the guest posting does not need any more proof. It has already been used by one and all and the results are quite effective indeed. However, the guest posting strategies that were in use years back are not as practical now. That means you need to keep juggling the same in order for them to provide your brand with a strong push. Here we share with you 5 Simple Steps to Build an Effective Guest Posting Strategy. (kiiky.com)

Find guest blogging targets- Guest Posting Strategy

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to find guest blog locations that are the most suitable for your niche. It is frivolous to associate with any new blog that you find. You need to do basic research to find if they accept posts, their niche and the kind of authority they have. There are many ways in which you can go about looking for the best options:

  • Google search
  • List of blogs by niches
  • Searching for author bios in your niche
  • Comments written on blogs
  • Backlinking checks

You may also hire guest post services to help you track which of the blogs are the most appropriate for you. SEOOutreachers knows the nuances of guest posting and sorts the blogs with high DA to publish your content only in places where there would be visibility.

Reach out

You are not going to get your post published on its own. It is crucial that you reach out to each of the blog owners that you have decided to associate with.
Interact with them through the comments on their blogs
Suggest the blog that you would want to be published and ask them if it suits
Prepare more than one titles and share with them
Suggest writing a blog on any of them and ask for their opinion.

Sales pitch

Obviously, you need to get published and that is how you should consider it. Irrespective of what blog you are dealing with you have to maintain respect and decency in the way you associate with them. Prepare a sales pitch that you may send to them suggesting reasons why you want to publish your post with them. It should be short yet convincing and you need to explain to them why your association with them is going to be fruitful for both.
Work on the bio

At the end of each guest post, you need to share your bio. The same should reflect your personality and the reader should be able to believe in your authenticity. Hence write a bio that briefly describes your brand and how it offers solutions to the customer’s needs. In your bio, you may also insert the link to your website. The customer would go to the same only if the beginning of your bio gives him a very strong reason to do so.
Post promotion

Just because your blog has been published does not mean that your work is done. You would also have to promote the content so that more readers get to read it. You could answer any comments written in order to make the readers believe you. Share it on your social media profiles so that there is an increase in traffic visiting the blog.


Getting your post published on another website is not the end of the road. You have to keep trying to get the readers to come and have a look at it. If you are confused on how to do the same link up with SEOOutreachers for assistance. They know the criticality of each guest blog and the need for it to be done in the most appropriate manner. With their strategies, your content is seen on authoritative websites and the results are positive for your website traffic.

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