Does a Mask Prevent COVID 19: A Breakdown

does a mask prevent covid 19

With the constant barrage of headlines and news updates surrounding the COVID-19 crisis, it’s hard to keep up with the most recent data on how to stay safe (especially when news outlets are coming out with conflicting reports!)

So how can you best protect yourself against the coronavirus? Does a mask prevent COVID 19, or are you better off with a face shield? Is it safe to go to work right now?

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions right now, read on to learn more about exactly how masks help to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

What Does a Mask Do?

There is a lot of misinformation about mask effectiveness going around. To understand whether a mask works to prevent COVID-19 or not, you have to first understand what a mask is meant to do.

The COVID-19 virus is tiny. Small enough to fit through the weave of most fabrics. So why are masks still effective?

Well, COVID-19 travels from person to person on larger droplets of liquid such as saliva or mucus. While the weave of a mask may not keep out a lone COVID-19 particle, it is effective in keeping out the droplets that help the virus travel.

What About Face Shields?

Many people are advocating for plastic face shields instead of masks. But it’s important to understand that face shields and face masks are a little bit different from one another.

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While a face shield’s plastic material makes it harder for the virus to penetrate, they are generally looser fitting on an individual’s face and leave all sorts of gaps around the eyes and chin. Because of that, a face shield alone might not be enough to protect you.

However, if you combine a face shield with a face mask (as many medical professionals are doing), you can help protect yourself even better than if you just choose one or the other. The two work really well together, so if you’re worried about COVID-19, it may be worth purchasing a wholesale face shield.

Do I Have to Wear a Mask?

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why mask mandates are being put into effect. If you are not at risk for COVID-19, you may feel like it’s not necessary to wear a mask.

But what’s important to remember is that masks help to protect not only yourself, but your entire community. Even if you don’t show symptoms, you may still have COVID-19, so wearing a mask at all times in public prevents you from unknowingly infecting others.

Does a Mask Prevent COVID 19? The Truth

While the coronavirus is still being researched and new data is still emerging, one fact is clear as day: Masks help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Not only does a mask prevent COVID 19 from reaching your body, but it also prevents you from spreading it to others.

Wearing a mask is a civic duty. If we all do our part now, we can make our way safely out of these difficult times. To learn more about how our world has changed since COVID-19, check out our other blog posts.

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