Dustin Diamond Died due to Cancer at the Age of 44

dustin diamond

Dustin Diamond is famous for his portrayal of Samuel in a sitcom aired on NBC.  The show’s name was ‘Saved by the Bell.’ His character gained much love for his adorable characteristics playing Screech Powers.

The representative of Dustin Diamond conveyed his death news on Monday. There was deterioration in his health from last week. He was in the hospital after an attempt to remove his breathing machines. He passed away with his girlfriend by his side.

Dustin Diamond apparently died with minimal suffering. He had his first chemo sessions a few weeks ago before he died. His cancer was of the fourth stage with small cell carcinoma. Cancer spread over his lungs too.

Dustin Diamond felt uneasiness and pain around January. Then he was in hospital care in Florida from that time. Doctors diagnosed him with cancer, unfortunately.

Dustin Diamond’s journey with famous sitcom

Dustin found success after playing Screech in the sitcom Saved by the Bell. Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s character was Zack Morris in the four seasons of the show. Dustin was a nerd. He was trying to woo Lisa Turtle, too, beside Zack.

In the show, when kids completed their graduation from Bayside High School, the next season was “Saved by the Bell: The College Years.” The season didn’t last long, though. The following seasons were named “Saved by the Bell: The New Class.” Dustin Diamond featured in season 2 to season 7 playing Screech. He was the assistant of Mr. Bedding.

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The revival of the show did not have him in the cast. He had faced questions about his absence from the new project in 2020. There was no answer from him as he said he himself doesn’t know the reason. He was curious why Screech is not in the revival of the show.

Dustin Diamond was featured in many other shows playing different characters. He was a groom in the music video of 98 Degrees in 1999. The track’s name was  Do (Cherish You). Two episodes of “The Wonder Years also had him. He was in a major controversy in 2006 due to the sex tape of his own. He denied though directing it to Oprah Winfrey later and claimed it was his stunt double.

Dustin Diamond in reality show

He participated in many reality shows like Celebrity Fit Club and Celebrity Boxing 2. He had fights with many of the participants due to several confrontations with other members.

The actor also had many stunts, which made him a major controversial actor. There was a fight supposed to happen between him and Chris Morgan, but Chris opted out. However, Fans also liked him and gave him loads of love. He had many friends like Dan Block, the CEO, and insurance master. He paid tribute to Dustin wrapping the car of Josh Bilicki, who was the driver of NASCAR.

Dustin’s team discussed his struggles in life

Dustin Diamond’s team said, explaining that Dustin’s name was involved in many infamous controversies. He lost his reputation too. But people should know he didn’t involve himself in those controversies intentionally. He is not a spiteful person.

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They added that he suffered much turmoil throughout his life. He never lost his sense of humor and spirit during his hardest time. That made him a passionate person who want to give everyone many moments of happiness. May his soul rest in peace.

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