Sia Adopted Two Teenage Kids and Is a Proud Mother Now

Sia adopted

On May 19, the news that Sia adopted two kids broke the news. Sia is now the proud mother of two boys who are in their teens. Sia is a popular song-writer, singer and voice actress from Australia. Some of her songs in the last 2 years have been super hits. The story of her adopting comes as a surprise since she made the adoption in 2019. So, the adoption is not recent but nobody knew about it until now. Both the boys are 18 years old and were in foster care before this. The children were with a foster parent chosen by the government agencies until Sia stepped in and adopted them.

Sia adopted two young boys

Her adopting two 18-year old boys also had a noble reason. Sia said that she knew that the foster care system had an age limit and that they were aging out. Thus, she completed the legal proceedings and legally made them her family members. She said that the loved both the boys and hence went on to adopt them. She will now be providing a loving home to both the 18-year olds.

The pandemic is a hard time for Sia and her kids, especially since they were adopted just last year. Now they all have to spend all their time indoor together. She said that both the boys were doing the best they can. Sia informed that both of them were finding it difficult but they were pulling through. She said that one of them was finding it harder than the other but both were making progress. Performing tasks that were virtuous for them right now was their focus.

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Sia said that both her sons were using the time that they had productively. The extra time due to the quarantine was spent focusing on their education as well. They were doing things that were important and beneficial to them.

Talking about adoption in the past

The news of this adoption is a surprise but not a shock. Last year, Sia had expressed that she wanted to adopt the boy from the documentary ‘Foster’. ‘Foster’ is an HBO documentary that features a boy called Dasani who was 16 years old back then. Last May, she had tweeted that she was trying to find Dasani and that she wanted to adopt him. She said that she was performing house checks and wanted to give Dasani a loving home. It is not known whether Dasani is one of the two 18-year-old boys that Sia has adopted. (zolpidem)

Sia and her husband separated in December 2016 after 2 years of being together. Sia aims to never marry again and wishes to remain single for the remaining part of her life. Thus, it is expected that she will be single-handedly raising both her adopted sons.

Final Thoughts

The quarantine is a hard time for everyone and hence we should not pry too much into their personal lives. Sia has always expressed that she was willing to adopt foster kids and give them a new home. We should be happy that she has finally gotten to do that. We should also be happy for the two boys that were adopted since they will now live in comfort.

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