Dolan Twins Learn TikTok Dance From Addison and Larray

Dolan twins learn tiktok dance

We all have too much time on our hands this quarantine and we all are exploring new hobbies. TikTok has emerged as a good app for alleviating boredom this quarantine. A lot of people are using the app to show off their dancing skills and participate in dance challenges. So, Addison and Larray Rae have come forward to teach us novices some killer dance movies. These aren’t just any dance moves, they’re the most popular ones on TikTok right now. They have released a video along with the Dolan Twins on their YouTube channel. Check it out before you try those killer moves too:

TikTok Dance with Addison and Larray

The Dolan Twins have been popular on YouTube and they have 10.9 million subscribers. Now, Addison and Larray are dropping by to make them TikTokers. They don’t seem really thrilled about doing TikTok dance on TikTok but they are up for it nevertheless! One of the Dolan twins even said that he had made a solemn promise to himself. He promised himself that after downloading TikTok he would never do TikTok dance. Both the Dolan twins thought this is a bad idea since they don’t have a dancing background.

They started off with the ‘Savage’ dance trend. Both the Dolan twins look flabbergasted as they watched Addison and Larray perform this dance. Since this looked difficult, they tried to do ‘The Woah’ dance move first. The Dolan Twins’ first attempt at The Woah was a hilarious disaster. One of the twins almost gave up on the idea of ever dancing again. Then they tried their hand at ‘throw it back’. Their attempt at this step came was a tad bit embarrassing. It looked nice but it was nothing like the original ‘throw it back’ dance move.

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‘Slap & Roll’ was the next dance move on the list. The Dolan brothers pulled this one off surprisingly well. Then they moved on to ‘The Hip Thing’. This step was done well enough apart from the part where they weirdly moved their hands while doing it. They tried their hands on the ‘Helicopter Hands’ dance step next. They ended up pulling off something but god knows what it was. Larray said that Ethan was doing well but Grayson wasn’t. He said that he wouldn’t follow Grayson as of now based on his performance. To this Grayson retorts that he wouldn’t want Larray as his coach anyway. So, two teams were formed. Ethan and Larray was one team while Grayson and Addison were the other. The two would compete against each other on TikTok in the end and the one with the most likes wins.

Ethan chose to go with his shy boy turned aggressive image and rehearsed his steps according to that. Grayson was seen struggling but learning well. They both learnt some fun TikTok dance moves like ‘Savage’ and ‘The Wave’. In the final performance, Ethan was a bit out of synch with his moves but Grayson executed a flawless sequence.

Final Thoughts

Both Ethan’s and Grayson’s final performance is up on TikTok. Go and vote for your favourite performance and let’s see who wins!

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