Tiffany Haddish Is Ruling the Internet After Shaving Her Head

tiffany haddish

If you love comedy you’ve definitely seen some of the acts by Tiffany Haddish. The comedian is one of the most entertaining women in the industry and can make us laugh until our stomachs hurt! Currently, the witty lady is trending on the internet because she took a bold step – she shaved her hair off and you got to see how she’s looking right now.

How Tiffany Haddish cut her own hair

Tiffany took to Instagram to share three IGTV posts and showed how she got her hair chopped off. She also gave reasons as to why she took the dramatic step. Apparently, the comedian wanted to see her scalp! She said that she knows her whole body, she knows all the marks and moles, but she doesn’t know how her scalp looks like. Check the post for yourself to see what she took the step:

The first video uploaded by Haddish reveals her faux locks. She starts by cutting those strands off. She said in the video that her hair will grow back. Haddish also said that it was a good day to give it a shot. Celebrity hairstylist Lacy Redway was seen motivating her while commenting on the post. Her comment exposed the freedom of what it feels to cut hair short and also said that she loves it. She also said that hair doesn’t define us and we have wigs if we want to look a certain way.

Tiffany Haddish uploaded another video and told her fans that she hasn’t lost her mind. She said that there is nothing wrong with her – she just wanted to see her moles. She also revealed that she has 100 moles all over the body but wanted to know many were there on the scalp. Haddish then revealed that it was something she wanted to do for a long time and now she is finally doing it. (Lyrica)

Revealing the new look

Tiffany spoke about how she plans to carry her new look. She said she will keep it natural and probably color it brown and add some sun-in. She wanted to get the baby strands color in a light tone and she said she would use lemon juice for that. The actor-comedian is happy with her new hair.

The above Instagram post was the last video she uploaded. Her friend, Precious took clipped to her head to finally give her the buzzcut. Precious helped Tiffany to cut her hair completely and then shape it up. The comedian then went live with Michael Blackson and revealed her look. They joked around for a while but Tiffany looked overjoyed with her hairstyle. She said she loved and that she hasn’t looked this stunning.

Well, here is the last video for you to watch how she is actually looking after the transformation!

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