Best Tech Trends of 2019

Technology is developing rapidly and an annual tech prediction becomes obsolete even before we are reading about them in articles and blogs. Along with the evolution of technology, there is rapid progress and change where the rate of acceleration is high. The speed of evolution will eventually become exponential.

When we compare the rapid evolution of technology with the associated professionals, the latter do not change their careers in such short periods. They have just upgraded themselves to take over different and more advanced roles in the IT industry. Even if an IT professional does not want to enhance his skills at a certain point in time, he may have to do it forcefully just to keep his position safe in the ever-increasing business.

Staying updated with the latest technological evolution is of utmost importance. You may be interested in the latest tech trends because you are preparing yourself for future opportunities in the IT industry or just because you want to keep an eye on what is happening in the digital world.

The best tech trends

 In this article, we are trying to present some of the best tech trends of the current year 2019.

  1. Augmentation of data security

The span of threads is extensive, and so, the debates about all the cybersecurity problems will remain never-ending. The end-users are now becoming more aware of the kind of information they have. As a result, they become curious about how data security works.

The governments all around the world are constantly working towards better development of the whole process of cybersecurity. 2019 may see some extreme actions on cases related to GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation due to some unwanted scandals on social platforms such as Facebook and Google.

The good news is that the cybersecurity departments in the global IT industry are getting more intelligence-driven in 2019. The automated attacks can now only be restricted with the help of IT intelligence.

The machines that are being run on AI power are supposed to become more advanced and will be able to handle the crucial decision-making processes independently. If all of this takes place successfully, our IT companies will always be a step ahead of the attackers and hackers.

  1. A newer version of IoT

IoT or Internet of Things has become all-pervasive and are now adopted by every company irrespective of the industry they belong to. Business around the world is now getting over all kinds of theoretical developments.

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Everyone is now moving towards smarter tech solutions and are working towards the implementation of the same practice. When we are developing solutions and technologies for all the industries, the addition of features such as connections, intelligence and smartness are mandatory.

According to some of the IT experts, it is not yet time to declare the Internet of Things as completely developed. It is somewhat true and so the professionals are continuously working towards more development of IoT. 2019 is expected to witness a shift in IoT capabilities.

Augmentation and automation are now going to take over the way users experience the internet. As a result, we will receive an unstructured scenario of a vast range of dynamically networked services.

  1. Expansion of automation

Automation has now become a part of almost all industries and it continues to win over other pivotal positions. Already, automation has an immensely positive reputation and is gaining such good feedback from all sectors. 2019 is expecting some more progress and up-gradation of this robotic technology that we call automation.

AI or Artificial Intelligence is now aiding the development of automation discoveries such as drones, autonomous vehicles, and robots. 2019 expects a major shift of independent technologies to more advanced systems of super-intelligent autonomous technologies.

The development of artificial intelligence technologies means that autonomous systems will become more capable. They are now being able to establish interrelations and are also interacting with highly advanced systems.

For example, self-driven cars can now perform geo-location tracking and can also recognize images. They work according to voice commands and such other technologies to make life more comfortable for us.

  1. AR over VR

Till date, we consider VR or virtual reality as the major-most success of this era. However, things will now change for something even better. The disadvantage of Virtual Reality its range of application is comparatively shorter among all customers and companies. Therefore, experts are now focusing on how AR or Augmented Reality can take over Virtual Reality for some more development.

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Organizational software development will continue to benefit from VR. Right now, in 2019, AR will be more common for smaller devices such as mobile phones. The basic difference in this regard is that with the use of AR, we will not require headphones anymore. So, the capability of Augmented Reality to be posted on tablets and mobile phone sound more vigorous.

We are also assuming that the development of AR will bring huge changes in the advertising and marketing industries in 2019. Augmented Reality can give you an immensely personal experience. So, the engagement of clients will be more now. AR developments will also ensure continuous interactions between the providers and customers.

Augmented Reality may also take over the manufacturing industry. It can probably help manufacturers understand data sets along with assisting others performing physical labor. Ultimately, we are having high expectations for AR development because experts say that AR is capable of transforming the world for the better.

  1. Hybrid clouds over connected clouds

Cloud computing forms a pivotal part of almost all industries now. The growth of cloud services will see new heights in 2019 and the market value of it will reach around $200 billion. The extension of delivery models and cloud resolutions is growing more and more now.

Cloud is also becoming a better option for more companies. However, IT professionals are now finding loopholes in connected Clouds and are planning to adapt to Hybrid Cloud. According to them, the Hybrid Cloud will enable faster service delivery.

There is a completely new view regarding cloud solutions now. So, we believe that 2019 will bring in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solutions for the world.

Final thoughts

The growth of technology and digitization is never-ending and to keep ourselves tech-savvy we must stay updated with the latest tech trends.

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