6 Ways You Can Join the Fight Against Cancer

Fight Against Cancer

According to a World Health Organization report, cancer has caused 9.6 million deaths and 18.1 million new cases in 2018. This means cancer is still a menace that needs to be defeated. The fight against cancer needs everyone’s effort.

So, what can you do to help with the fight? Here are six ways on how to fight against cancer.

1. Get Informed About Cancer

To start the fight, you need to start by getting all the necessary information about cancer. Read articles, publications, and talk to healthcare workers about cancer topics. The government, WHO, and organizations formed for cancer control have all the information you need.

Know the different types of cancer and their causes. Find out about the impact of cancer in the community and how to reduce the risks.

2. Avoid Tobacco Use

Tobacco use has been associated with different types of cancer. If you smoke, you expose yourself to cancer of the lung, throat, pancreas, mouth, kidney, cervix, bladder, and larynx. Chewing tobacco causes pancreas and oral cavity cancer.

But you’re not the only one at risk here. If you smoke, the people close to you are also exposed to lung cancer risk due to secondhand exposure. So, if you’re joining the fight, quit smoking.

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3. Use Your Voice To Fight Against Cancer

Your voice is the best weapon you have for fighting cancer. You can start by initiating conversations against cancer, starting with your family and friends. You can then move to a community network and raise your voice even higher.

You can connect with cancer patients and survivors to understand what healthcare needs. Spread awareness and get people to change their attitude and join the fight against cancer.

4. Avoid Putting Yourself at Risk

There are many risky behaviors you can indulge into and put yourself at risk. You might be putting yourself at risk, unaware or aware. Risky behaviors include unprotected sex and sharing needles.

Contacting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and HPV can put you at a higher risk of getting cancer. Sharing needles put you at risk of HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. These diseases can expose you to the risk of liver cancer.

5. Give Support by Donating

Giving is another good way to join the fight against cancer. You can give to help support health workers with the needed equipment to fight cancer. You can also help cancer patients with some monetary donations because cancer treatment is pretty expensive.

You can also start a fundraiser and get other people to donate for a cancer fight. Consider joining charity organizations like Vita Crate to donate to cancer.

6. Go for Medical Checkups

Going for medical checkups and encouraging other people to go can help stop the spread of cancer. You can do self-exams and screening for different types of cancer. This will help you discover cancer early enough and seek treatment.

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Take Action Today To Stop Cancer

The fight against cancer starts with you, and you must rise today. The above easy steps are at your disposal and very easy to accomplish for cancer prevention.

Read other articles for cancer awareness, risks, and ways to keep yourself healthy.

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