Rush Limbaugh Reveals His Lung Cancer Is Terminal

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Rush Limbaugh is battling stage four lung cancer. The talk show radio host recently announced that there was a setback in his prognosis. He went through scans, and there was some progression in his cancer. The host revealed the information while he was talking to his listeners on the radio. He concluded by saying that the condition is not dramatic, but it progresses in the wrong direction.

Talk show radio host Rush Limbaugh reveals deteriorating health

Rush Limbaugh is 69 years old right now and is fighting with lung cancer since February. He revealed that the doctors have changed his medicines and hope that his progression will stop as much as possible. Two weeks before, the host had said that his condition improved and was manageable.

The man sadly said that he doesn’t think his “under death sentence” period is over. Thus, this means that he is unsure about how soon he will be fine and, if at all, he will battle it out. He also acknowledges that the present moment is the most precious and that everyone will eventually die someday. He said that going through a terminal illness and having a time frame comes with a different psychology, which is also complicated due to the physical battle.

The Rush Limbaugh Show has been on the air for more than 30 years now. The man is an icon of the Republican party and very close to President Trump. The President appeared on his show a couple of week backs after the second presidential debate got canceled.

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Rush Limbaugh has been entertaining people and keeping them hooked to radios for decades. He is an icon in his niche and has a significant influence on the lives of his followers. We hope he recovers quickly and keeps entertaining us for years to come.

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