Pubg Pc Download 64 Bit Windows 10: What To Know Here?

PUBG PC Download 64 Bit Windows 10

Pubg or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has become a sensation for everyone. It is one of those battle royale games that will provide you the benefit of being back around 2017. In the genre of Battle Royale games, it has become extremely famous. You can opt for PUBG PC Download 64 Bit Windows 10.

PUBG Corporation paved the way for playing the game. It was under the cooperation of several other aspects like Bluehost Studios and Brendan Greene. One of the most significant benefits of playing PUBG is that you can opt for a PUBG mobile PC too. Apart from playing PUBG on your computer, you can play PUBG on your PC too.

Why play PUBG?

Unlike many battle royale games, PUBG provides the benefit of playing across unique maps. You can also use the different weapons that you can choose from. The PUBG mobile PC is indeed one of the best choices to make. As per the game rules, only a hundred players will be allowed per game. The players take a drop across respective islands and can eventually play in the fight. The last standing opponent or the player is known as the winner, and they get the opportunity for indulging in Chicken dinner.

The player will have to set out on the search to find weapons and equipment. They will need to kill their enemies to stay alive. It was also awarded the Best Multiplayer Game for The Game Award in 2017.

How to do PUBG PC Download 64 Bit Windows 10?

You need to visit the stream store to purchase the PUBG PC game. The price is pretty affordable and is available at a discount of 5%. However, the discount was only provided for a limited period. Many players can also indulge in playing the game for free if they choose to play the mobile version.

If you want to play the PUBG game for free on your PC, you should consider downloading the crack. You need to use the Operating system and memory accordingly to find the best deal. It is best to play PUBG via Windows 10.

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What are the maps in PUBG?

If you’re a pro player, you probably have played in all these maps. The players get the option to choose from 5 different maps. Here are some of the common maps in PUBG include the following

Erangel Map

Needless to say, this is one of the most popular maps in PUBG. This is the first playable map that is spread across an area of 8km*8km grid. Hence, it is bigger than the Sanhok map.

Erangel Map is played on a huge area, so you will need to strategize your drop accordingly. If you check around yourself, you will find many people driving vehicles around these places.

Erangel is one of those places that will provide you a blend of small towns, cities, and power plants. You can also explore the military places around here. The dynamic weather provided by the Erangel map is one of the most important things to look forward to. If you’re playing in the Erangel map, you won’t get the opportunity to get exclusive weapons. The only weapons that you will get around Erangel are SCAR-L.


Pro players often find themselves landing in Miramar maps. It is one of the best places to play because it follows a similar layout to Erangel. However, one of the most important things to note about the Miramar map is that you wouldn’t get all the exclusive weapons, but you will surely get the Win94 Sniper rifle.

Miramar looks as if it is a barren land, but there are lush green areas around Erangel that you will want to check. The deserted environment will make you want to visit the map for its extensive games. You can surely hide here in the buildings to avoid being beaten. Some of the common and most popular weapons you can find in the Miramar map include R45, Sawed-off, and SCAR-L.


Sanhok is a very different map from the other maps of PUBG. This is mostly because the Sanhok map is specifically designed for players who want to indulge at a fast pace. Unlike other maps, Sanhok follows the 4km*4km grid pattern.

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The rainforests of the Sanhok region make it one of the best places to hide. Well, these rainforests have been inspired mostly by the SouthEast Asian region. The map features an expansive road network and river network too. The weather of the Sanhok region is highly convenient, and sometimes while you’re in the game, you may experience rainfall.

One of the greatest benefits of playing on the Sanhok map is getting access to all the exclusive vehicles and weapons. Some of the prominent weapons you will get in Sanhok include the QBU88 Marksman rifle and QBZ 95 assault rifle.

Vikendi Map

You probably have heard of the Vikendi map because of its snowy feature. It is one of those maps that is available across different maps. One of the most important facts to note about this map is that it is one of the most recently available maps in the battle royale game.

The Vikendi map spreads across a stretch of 6km*6km grid. Although it is bigger than Sanhok, it surely is smaller than some of the major maps of PUBG, which are Miramar and Erangel. One of the best features of the map is that you can switch between different versions while playing the game.

Some of the main cities in the Vikendi map include Volnova, Goroka, Mesti, Podvosto and Dobro. Vikendi is the only map where you get the G36 assault rifle.

Karakin Map

This is one of the latest available maps in PUBG and the smallest. It has a feeling as if Miramar and Sanhok have been combined. You will get a lot of punches while playing on the Karakin map. The spawn rate across this place is usually low. However, you will get a wide range of gameplay as it is extremely fast. Players with an aggressive approach should consider playing on the Karakin map.

It would help if you did the PUBG PC Download 64 Bit Windows 10. It is advisable to follow all the steps so that you can enjoy the gameplay.

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