Top 5 Fantasy Sports News Platform In India

Fantasy sites are places where people can acknowledge various sports activities and become a part of them. Such platforms encourage individuals to utilize their skills and knowledge within the game to experience fun and excitement. The fantasy sports platform has gained a lot of popularity in India, and within 20 years, it has secured a top position in the country. Here are the fantasy sports news platform in India.

Cricket is the most popular game, and it’s leading as one of the best fantasy sports on the internet. There are many fantasy platforms in the country. About 90% of the platforms belong to cricket. This document will provide you erudition on the various fantasy sports platforms that currently hold a solid reputation in the Indian market. 

Popular Fantasy Sports News Platform In India

When it comes to the best and reliable Fantasy Leagues Online in India, there are many of them. If you are interested in trying out these platforms, here are the most reputed and trusted ones you should check out. 

  • Fantasy Bet

FantasyBet is one of the most popular fantasy platforms that offers updated live games and news. It caters to both football, IPL and other sports fans all around the world. It is amongst the first platforms to emerge in fantasy gaming.

FantasyBet is an excellent platform for playing games online for money. It caters to both international and Indian audiences. Moreover, you can bet with proper knowledge as the site keeps its news about IPL and football games updated every minute. FantasyBet should be your first choice as an online fantasy gaming platform.

  • Dream 11

As the oldest fantasy platform in the country, Dream 11 is also the only fantasy unicorn in India. It supports games, such as basketball, cricket, hockey, football and many more. In this platform, users have to showcase their knowledge on the sport they like. They are eligible to make a team of actual players who will play within the upcoming matches. 

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According to the player’s performance in the match, the user will obtain points. The users will compete among themselves, and in the end, the winner will be selected. Dream 11 won the title sponsorship for IPL 2020, and the BCCI has signed a 3-year contract with the platform. Former Captain of the Indian Cricket Team M.S Dhoni is the brand ambassador of Dream 11, and it has around 800 million users. 

  • MyTeam 11

This is a Jaipur-based fantasy platform founded in 2016 by Sanjit Sihag and Vinit Goddard. The platform didn’t receive any significant success until it obtained a title in 2019 for the India vs West Indies Cricket Series. The fantasy league site also signed a contract with the Karnataka Premier League, Pakistan Super League and Pro Volleyball League. 

Apart from creating IPL teams, individuals can also create a team from CPL or Caribbean Premier League. It has about 12 million users and around 15 million downloads across the entire site. Within the next 5 years, MyTeam 11 is planning to obtain a revenue of $100 million. Former Indian Cricketer Virendra Sehwag is the brand ambassador.

  •  CricPlay

Being one of the best Fantasy Leagues Online in India, CricPlay is entirely dedicated to cricket. It has five main online games: Daily Predictions, Mega Contest, Star Contest, Super Leagues, and Challenger Leagues. Gaurav Sarin founded the platform in 2018, and within a year, it saw an increase of 500% in growth, which is pretty extraordinary. 

Currently, the platform has 5 million users and the former opener for Indian cricket, Gautam Gambhir is its brand ambassador. The platform also has its very own in-app currency, which is CricPlay coins.

  •  Mobile Premier League [MPL]
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Within a short time, MPL gained a lot of recognition within the market. It’s the youngest e-sport league founded by Bangalore-based Shubham Malhotra and Sai Srinivas Kiran G in 2018. BCCI announced MPL as the kit sponsor for U-19, National Women’s & Men’s cricket teams in 2020. The platform has also signed an aid negotiation with the IPL teams, such as Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders. 

You can play around 40 online games through MPL, and it has approximately 4 crore users under its belt. Captain of the Indian Men’s Cricket team Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of this fantasy platform. From the series A, B, and C rounds, the platform has secured funding of $180.5 million. Through in-app purchases, hosting fee, entry fee and advertisements are ways through which the platform gets its revenue.

Final Words

Fantasy platforms provide you a brand-new way to enjoy sports on the internet. Even though the sites mentioned here are the best ones, you must check which platforms are legal in the country. When the game is based on skills, it fulfils all the legality clauses. But if the competition declares the winner by chance, it’s viewed as illegal. It’s requested that you do some research on the fantasy platform before you use it.

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