What Does Being at the Beach Do for Your Mental Health?

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Did you know, doctors used to prescribe a day at the beach?

In the 18th century, doctors recognized the beach and the ocean water as being good for both physical and mental health. They were so sure if this, you were just as likely to be prescribed beach time as you were to be given medicine.

Today, when most people think of the beach, they think of a relaxing escape from their 9-5. However, the doctors in the 18th century got it right, the beach does more than just make you feel calm and relaxed, it can greatly benefit your mental health.

If you are considering a beach day, here are several reasons why that’s a great idea.

Increases Blood Flow to the Brain

Whether you are at the beach tanning or taking a leisurely swim, experiencing the water increases blood flow to your brain. This is essential for delivering oxygen to your brain and helping you function normally. Increased blood flow can also help lessen your depression.

Encourages a Blue Mind

A day at the beach encourages a “Blue Mind” state. “Blue Mind” is a term that describes the relaxing and calming effect of being on, in, or around water. Whether you are physically around water or are just listening to the sounds of water, your brain is flooded with neurochemicals that make you feel happy and stress-free.

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Reduces Stress Hormones

If you’ve ever spent time at the beach, you probably went home feeling well-rested and relaxed. This is likely because spending time at the beach reduces your stress hormones. The biggest contributor to feeling stress-free at the beach is the sound of the waves, which are said to be similar to being in your mother’s womb and hearing her heartbeat.

Improves Breathing

Whether you are surfing in surf outfits or enjoying a good book, being at the beach can help improve your breathing. You can breathe easier at the beach due to the negative ions that help increase oxygen absorption. You can also breathe easier because your chest muscles automatically relax when you are at the beach.

Increases Feelings of Safety

When you are in an environment that is minimal and uncomplicated, you feel safe and secure. Being in the jungle or a city environment automatically engages your sense of self-preservation and you cannot help but to scan for danger. Being at the beach eases this fear because the ocean looks flat and stable, making you feel as if you are safe and can relax.

Your Mental Health Improves When You Are At the Beach

Spending time at the beach can boost your mental health.

You will experience increased blood flow to the brain and reduced stress. Being at the beach helps regulate your breathing and also encourages feelings of safety. Most of all, a day at the beach induces a “Blue Mind,” which is good for both your physical and mental health.

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If you need yet another reason to visit the beach, do it for your mental health.

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