How To Become An Amazon Product Tester: Earn Freebies & Discounts

How To Become An Amazon Product Tester: Earn Freebies & Discounts

Do you take out some time and head to your Amazon account to post a review about a product experience? If not, you must make it a habit and be willing to learn how to become an Amazon product tester. Why? Because you can get lucrative deals against reviews.

Have you ever wondered how some of the influencers go about making thousands of product review videos? Seems like they either get all those products for free or get paid to share how useful they found them. 

Well, that is no longer a fantasy with trusted e-commerce platforms like Amazon that highly value reviews (because customers value them, too). You can also earn pretty good deals or discounts once you know how to be one of the platform’s ranked reviewers.

How To Become An Amazon Product Tester? 

To be an Amazon Product Tester, you can choose any of the below-mentioned genuine ways:

1) Try To Be an Amazon Vine Voice

Amazon knows the value of an honest review and its essence in influencing the buyers’ purchase decisions. That’s why it started an initiative called Amazon Vine. Under this program, Amazon picks the most insightful reviewers in the Amazon store (based on reviewer’s rank) and sends them an invitation, allowing them to make purchases free of cost and share their product experience and reviews. The selected reviewers are regarded as Vine Voices.

How To Become An Amazon Product Tester

Once enrolled, Vine Voices (selected reviewers) can purchase hundreds and thousands of products from distinct brands. The products get delivered to the doorstep of the chosen reviewers at zero expense. The reviewers then use the product and provide an honest and transparent review about their product experience. Although reviews by Vine Voices (selected reviewers) appear under the same review section where reviews from all other reviewers appear, they are marked with a “Vine Customer Review of Free Product” tag.

How To Participate?

Now, you must be wondering how you can be a part of this exciting program. One can only participate in this program and leverage its benefits when Amazon itself invites them. But yes, you can do one thing to attract Amazon to send you an invitation for this: share insightful, unbiased, and honest reviews about products on Amazon every time you make a purchase on the platform.

Remember that Amazon only sends invitations to unbiased and insightful reviewers who post honest and impartial experiences. The program is dedicated towards easing the process of making buying decisions for customers. It doesn’t pay anything to the chosen reviewers.

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2) Be An Amazon Early Reviewer

If you’re interested in making a few bucks from submitting product reviews on Amazon, you can enroll yourself in the Amazon Early Reviewer Program. Under this program, Amazon asks you to submit reviews for previously purchased products. If you submit a review while this program is active, you get rewarded with small cashback, a coupon/gift card worth 100 Rupees, etc. Your review will be highlighted with an orange-colored ‘Early Reviewer Badge’ in the reviews section.

How To Participate?

Early reviews assist the current purchasers in assessing the usability of a product. That’s why Amazon supports positive, neutral, and negative feedback based on product experiences. However, reviewers must abide by the platform’s Community Guidelines.

3) Work For Review Sites

Another way to become a recognized Amazon product tester is by joining review sites. Certain review sites help you capture a distinguished place for yourself and get access to amazing Amazon deals.

  • Vipon: This app/platform is an exquisite place you must join if you’re searching how to become an Amazon product tester. To utilize this platform, you need to apply for writing reviews. You’ll get access to free products once you get a green flag for writing product reviews on this platform. Furthermore, Vipon also opens doors to various exciting deals wherein you can save up to 50% off.
  • Rebaid: This is another platform that fosters Amazon sales and provides ample opportunities for people to become Amazon product testers. You can avail a rebate between 25 to 100 percent and be a helpful reviewer. Not only Amazon but Rebaid also offers discounts on other online merchants.
  • Snagshout: This is another addition to the list of review sites that can fetch multiple benefits for those interested in becoming Amazon product tester and reviewing products. Apart from heavy discounts, you can also avail of hassle-free returns as the platform supports a 30-day refund policy.

4) Take Amazon Prime Membership

Registering for Amazon Prime Membership is another splendid way to access products earlier than normal purchasers. Not only that, you also get products at pretty good deals, which aren’t open to all but only to exclusive Amazon Prime members.

5) Utilize Social Media

Social Media Promotion For Amazon

If you’re active on social media, you can make an excellent name in testing and reviewing products from one of the top e-commerce giants. Social media is one of the biggest hubs for influencers through which they can promote products and earn commission from sales. You must remember that selecting a niche adds a more reputable mark to your name and makes your reviews trustworthy, though you can promote products from different categories. Also, be unbiased and honest in your reviews because fake feedback will question your review authenticity.

Eligibility Criteria For Amazon Product Tester

If you want to know how to become an Amazon product tester, you must be familiar with the platform’s Community guidelines which include but aren’t limited to:

  • You need to have an active Amazon Account and post frequent authentic reviews. If you post reviews once in a blue moon or provide dishonest reviews, it is not going to work in your favor.
  • Gradually, you’ll get a Reviewer Rank that Amazon allots to its reviewers based on how helpful and genuine their reviews are.
  • You need to have spent at least INR 1500 on Amazon to get access to:
  1. Create reviews (including star ratings)
  2. Answer customer questions
  3. Submit helpful votes
  4. Participate in review programs on the platform
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NOTE: Amazon clarifies that Promotional discounts don’t count towards the minimum spending requirement ofINR 1,500.

What’s Not Allowed?

  • Although Amazon appreciates your feedback about product packaging, individual experiences are not considered helpful for Community Content.
  • There are certain restrictions for comments related to pricing as well. For instance, mentioning different prices for the same product at different stores isn’t appreciated. Reviews such as, “Available at 20% discount in my neighborhood store.” aren’t allowed.
  • The platform also doesn’t entertain multiple negative reviews for competitor’s products, biased reviews, and review exchanges.

How Much Amazon Product Testers Earn?

Amazon Vine Program

This is hard to determine because it depends on the method you choose, your reviewer rank, review quality, platform you pick to provide reviews on, how consistently you share reviews, etc. However, making money through product testing can’t be a mainstream job since the income isn’t that huge. Nevertheless, one can receive an abundance of discounts and free products, saving a nice change of chunk that you can spend otherwise shopping. The income of an Amazon Product Tester can vary between $24,000 to $161,000 a year, Medium reports.

Bottom Line

Reviews are one such thing that most of us head to whenever on e-commerce platforms to make a purchase. Amazon, a prominent e-commerce platform, is therefore searching for people who can test and review the products offered on the platform. In return you can avail quite cost-effective deals or even free products. As for how to become an Amazon product tester, you can post reviews until you get enrolled in the platform’s Vine Voices program, become an early reviewer, set up an account on review-sharing sites, join Prime Membership and utilize social media.

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