Best LED Light Colors For Sleep: Have A Peaceful Rest

best LED light colors for sleep

Many of us don’t realize this, but the light’s color in our bedrooms plays an important role in helping us fall asleep. If you can’t sleep properly, maybe it has something to do with the lights you have installed. The best LED light colors for sleep vary from person to person. 

Our body’s hormones control our sleep cycle. Our eyes work as efficient photoreceptors that can be helpful in the long run. It influences the production of melatonin in the brain. However, there is very little research about the best color night light for sleeping. No matter what type of light color you have in your room, make sure to do your research. 

What are the best LED light colors for sleep? 

LED lights have become a staple requirement in today’s world. Almost everyone is looking forward to choosing the best LED light colors for sleep. Almost all the research determining which light helps sleep properly is done on rodents. Therefore, concluding humans can be slightly tough. 

The limited research, however, suggests that red light may be the best for sleeping. Nonetheless, proper individual study needs to be done to determine the best color night light for sleeping. 

Is red light good for sleep? 

If you want a peaceful sleep, red sleep can be of great help. Studies suggest that red helps to produce melatonin in the body. Nonetheless, more research needs to be done to determine the same. 

best LED light colors for sleep
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Red light therapy, however, can be of great help. Nonetheless, undergoing therapy may also help in improving the melatonin level and sleep quality. Furthermore, it is also necessary to determine the intensity of the red light. This will further play an important role in helping you sleep. If the light has an intensity under 10 lux, it may not be that effective. 

What are the other best LED light colors for sleep? 

Picking the best LED light color for sleep can be tough. If you’re wondering if the red light is good for sleep, you should know that everyone is different. Therefore, the effect of lights will be different too. 

Some of the prominent LED lights colors apart from red that can help one have a peaceful sleep include:


Red may not be everyone’s color. If you have red LED lights in your room and cannot sleep, you should try yellow. While yellow LED light may sound a little different, it can help enhance your room’s look. 

Comparatively, yellow is a brighter color than red. However, it can help you feel warm and create a tranquil environment around you. Since the environment is comfortable, you will have a relaxing time to sleep. Furthermore, yellow can also help to relieve stress. 

When you feel little or no stress, it becomes easy for you to fall asleep. Nonetheless, if you’re considering installing yellow light in your room, you should choose a dull color. Dull color will further help to bestow a soft feeling. 


Since the frequency is slightly similar to red, orange can be effective. Orange is very soothing to the eyes and can play an essential role in boosting melatonin production. 

best LED light colors for sleep
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Orange has a warmer tone than red which will give you full beach vibes. As soon as you walk into your room, you will feel the essence of a seashore. This will eventually play an important role in helping you relax. 

If you’re using LED lights for sleep, you should avoid using bright orange. The bright orange color can stress your eyes a bit. Therefore, you may have a tough time sleeping. Also, even if you fall asleep, it will not be relaxing. 


Light green can also be a good choice in terms of the best LED light colors for sleep. Green, as a color, can be very pleasing and soothing for the eyes. Therefore, it will allow you to relax better. 

Green has a non-stimulating function that will make your mind feel calm and peaceful. Apart from LED light, green can also be a great choice for your room decor. The green tone can be the same as the blue tone. Therefore, you will need to do your research accordingly. 


When it comes to the best LED light colors for sleep, blue can be quite controversial. If you’re a beginner, blue can be extremely beneficial. This is mostly because blue is a color associated with calmness and relaxation. If you’re a gamer, this is the best light though. 

best LED light colors for sleep
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Our brain tends to perceive blue better than other colors. Therefore, it will have a better impact on our brain. Nonetheless, blue has a stronger wavelength than other colors. Therefore, in many cases, it may happen that blue will take a longer time to make you fall asleep. 

If you want to improve your sleep schedule, you should consider blue LED lights. Blue light can be beneficial for those who have a fixed sleeping schedule. Moreover, if you read before going to bed, you should have blue LED lights in your house. 

Blue is one of the best LED light colors for sleep only for adults. Parents should refrain from using blue in the room of their kids. (Advair Diskus)  


When it comes to bedroom LED lights, pink may not be your color, but they can be highly effective. Nonetheless, installing pink in your bedroom can help you fall asleep. 

Pink has a relaxed tone that will provide you a tranquil feeling. As a result, you will be able to sleep more comfortably than usual. Although pink is not a common choice, it can definitely make your room aesthetic. 

What are the worst bedroom colors?

While there are certain best LED light colors for sleep, certain colors are the worst. Violet is definitely the worst bedroom color for falling asleep. 

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Final Thoughts

The best LED light colors for sleep can have an essential role in your sleep cycle. It is necessary to make minor changes in your lifestyle to get extra benefits. However, be careful with the colors you use because some of them may bring down the melatonin production level. Furthermore, purple light can also make it tough for you to fall asleep. Thus, stay away from these. 

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