Discovering the Charms of Southern Living

Discovering the Charms

Some people may look down on southern living because they don’t understand what makes it so amazing, but the south has a hold on the best location to visit in the world.  Whether you’re from the south and you’re traveling back for fun, or you’ve never been to the south and aren’t sure what to expect: be ready to fall in love with the area of Discovering the Charms.

The Food – Discovering the Charms

The south has some of the best food in the country.  Beyond the fried delights like chicken, you can find soul food like okra and gumbo and dishes that speak to your heart from your stomach.

Most people in the south are passionate about food and capable of cooking, so be prepared to be surprised in every city you go to.  From hushpuppies to delicious venison chili, you’ll find it all in the south!

The Weather

The weather may not be for those who have lived in a hot desert their whole life, but it’s gorgeous for anyone who doesn’t have any preconceived notion of what the south should look or feel like.  The thick heat can be overwhelming for some, but it’s a part of what makes the south what it is. (Ambien)

In the early morning, the coolest part of the day, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the day, but by the end of the day, the heat and thick air will make you tired and ready to sleep the day off.  Some areas have a full range of seasons, but the weather is generally warm, with mild winters for most.

The People

There’s no friendlier group of people than those living in the south.  Understanding hospitality as one of the most important parts of life, you’ll be surprised at how nice, and supportive strangers can be.

Although there are some rude people, like there are in any area of the country, most of the south works to create a guise of friendliness that will leave a deep impression on you when you leave.

The Land Itself

The south is unlike any other portion of the country because of its bizarre weather.  From the fantastic coastlines to the deep caves where you can go spelunking, you’ll want to start looking at Columbia houses for sale while you’re in South Carolina so that you can take in more of the views without having to leave.

The forests in the south are thick and lush, full of life, and it can feel so easy to get lost in them and come out with a better understanding of what it’s like to live in the south.  There’s nothing quite like the wildlife and nature here.

The Work and Play Ethic

Living in states like Virginia has a large push towards keeping people business-minded, but it can be a stark difference once you leave the city.  Living in the south will introduce you to their balanced work and life ethic.

This means understanding that work has to be done, but also being respectful of the special people in your life and that taking time off from work to spend life with them is important.

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