Party On: 6 Fun Girls Trip Ideas

fun girls trip ideas

Are you looking to take a quick trip with your friends? Now’s the time to start planning your next fun girls trip ideas, but where are you going to go?

Many people are itching to travel right now, so you need to get your ideas in order. What kinds of fun girls’ trip ideas did you have in mind?

We have a few ideas of where you should be taking your girlfriends in the upcoming year. Keep reading for a few of our favorites, both specific and general so there’s a trip for everyone.

1. Fun Girls Trip Ideas: A Trip to the Casino

When you’re stuck at home, you’re stuck checking TrustGeeky online casino reviews to find the best place for your online gambling needs. Once you’re able to get out of town for the weekend, though, why not hit the slots and card tables for real?

A trip to the casinos is a great choice as far as girls’ weekend trip ideas go, and you don’t even have to bet too much to have a great time. Whether you’re making your way to Las Vegas for a wild party or you’re sticking to a casino closer to home, you’re bound to have a good time.

Casinos often have cheaper drinks and meals than other party destinations because they’re interested in keeping visitors in the building and spending their money on games instead of food. This means that you get a lot of bang for your buck.

There’s also often great entertainment around casinos so you won’t run out of things to do once the betting is over.

Remember, though, don’t bet more than you can afford to lose! The first rule of gambling is that the house always wins.

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2. Hiking In the Pacific Northwest

Are you and your friends the outdoorsy types? Why not plan an awesome hiking trip in the beautiful Pacific Northwest?

Whether you’re interested in beautiful Oregon or Washington, or even interested in heading inland to Idaho, there are awesome sights to see all over. When you’re used to low-elevation areas, you’re in for a treat.

We don’t want to give you a specific place to start your trip, but there are a few standout options that are sure to place. The Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National park, just outside of Forks Washington, is an unexpected beauty for the United States. Most people aren’t aware that we have rainforests at all.

Take your hiking boots, a camera, and a water bottle, and head out into the wilderness.

3. A Wine Tasting Adventure

Do you and your friends love connecting over a good glass of wine? Don’t limit yourself to cheap box wine (though don’t worry, we love it too). Instead, why not take a trip to an area with a lot of vineyards to get a taste of the good stuff?

There are several great wine cities within the states.

All over California, Washington, Oregon, and even parts of Texas, there are world-famous wine options and you’re sure to find plenty of wine tasting adventures while you’re there.

Stop at local wine bars and fancy restaurants, or go to a wine tasting event. You’ll find your favorite varieties of wine so you know what to order when you get home. Take a few bottles back with you so that you and your friends can re-live the adventure whenever you like.

4. A Mexican Beach Getaway

Do you miss having fun in the sun and sand? Why not take a trip to one of Mexico’s many beaches to get away for a while?

While international travel isn’t always an option, Mexico is accessible to most people. Whether you’re going to Tulum or the ever-popular Cancun resorts, there are plenty of luxury hotels, fun events, and beaches to go around.

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Pick some of your favorite Mexican foods. Dance the night away at nightclubs. Lay on the beach with a tropical drink in one hand and a good book in the other.

There are plenty of beautiful beaches in the United States, sure, but nothing beats a trip south of the border for a true luxury getaway.

5. A Day at the Hot Springs

Have you ever had a getaway to the hot springs? There’s nothing quite like a dip in natural “hot tubs,” especially on a cold and snowy day (though the shock of getting out of the water takes some getting used to).

There are plenty of hot springs in the United States and Canada, but we suggest the ones near Nelson, British Columbia, as a good starting point. Nelson is a cute town so you’ll enjoy your time out of the springs as well.

6. A Wellness Retreat

Do you and your friends deserve some much-needed R&R? Why not take a trip to a wellness retreat?

Wellness retreats come in several varieties, but the primary purpose of them is to take a step back from “real life” and slow down for a few days. They tend to include spas, holistic health, group meditation, healthy foods, and even fun exercise options.

You deserve to take some time for self-care with your friends. A wellness retreat might be the perfect way to come out of your weekend trip relaxed, renewed, and ready to take on life.

Which of These Fun Girls’ Trip Ideas Is Your Favorite?

Time to take a trip with all of your girlfriends! You deserve it. These fun girls’ trip ideas are sure to give you some inspiration so you can start planning your next weekend getaway.

Whether you and your friends like outdoor adventures, a day in the sun, or partying at the casinos, there’s something for everyone.

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