Leslie Makes Ryan’s Dream Come True 

Ryan and Leslie

Ryan and Leslie are among the most popular YouTube couples. They have more than two million subscribers. Basically, their channel Through Our Eyes takes you to their world. The couple basically shares all-important and non-important parts of their lives with the subscribers. They share two kids and live in LA.

In their channel, you will find an array of interesting video that has received a lot of appreciation from their fans. They try to include all sorts of fun, emotional, and humorous things in their videos. Recently, a new video was posted on Through Our Eyes, which was very special and rather emotional. It was a memorable surprise that Leslie gave to Ryan.

What is the Surprise all about?

The recent video that the couple posted on their channels was extremely special and emotional. It centers around Leslie giving Ryan something special that would help him concentrate on his work better. At the beginning of the video, Leslie revealed how amazing of a partner, son, and brother Ryan had been. 

He is extremely passionate about his art, but due to certain obstacles, he never really got to make the most out of his passion. She revealed that earlier, he was nearly blind, but fortunately, he was able to get surgery and get his eyesight back. Another obstacle is that he does not have a dedicated space that allows him to fully concentrate on his work and do better. 

Since he was not doing anything about it, Leslie decided to do something about it. She planned to create an art room for him and remove the challenges out of the way. 

Shopping Around to Get Everything Right 

Ryan and Leslie

To begin her quest, she went to the Living Spaces in order to shop for furniture. Due to the ongoing pandemic, a lot of stores are seriously out of stock. Considering that she had to do everything within three to four days, Leslie could not really trust online delivery. So she had to research a lot and find a couple of places that would be able to provide everything that is on her list.

Inside she roamed around and found a lot of things that she liked and a lot that she did not care for. Eventually, she narrowed down her list of things and headed to meet up with her interior designer Julie. 

Jump to the fourth day of the project, which means the very next day is the big reveal of the room. Ryan was sent out of the house for the entire day so that the team could work in the room without him knowing what is actually going on. 

Checking the Update 

Leslie just went to check-up on the progress of the room, and she was surprised to see how better it already appeared. The dull black light was changed by exquisite contemporary hanging lights. The walls were painted blue, which is one of Ryan’s favorite color. She was so glad to be able to pull it because, due to the pandemic, everything was way harder and stressing that she had anticipated. There were only limited options available on the store, but fortunately, she was able to get everything that she wanted with a little extra effort. 

Leslie had to go in and out of a couple of stores because they were showing things that did not appeal to her. But eventually, she was able to get all the right things. Another factor that helped her set up the room as desired is her designer, who has turned her vision into a beautiful reality. After viewing the progress of the room, she cannot wait to see the whole thing herself and let Ryan see it as well. 

Getting a Promise Out of Ryan 

At the end of the day, it was time to tell Ryan that something was happening because he would figure that with the space being covered with drapes. But Leslie also ensured to get a promise from Ryan that he would peek until tomorrow. 

A thing about Ryan is that he gets extremely curious. In fact, he used to put a hole in his Christmas presents the day before exchange day to see what he has gotten. And, he would blame it on the rats for the holes. But Leslie and Susan made Ryan promise that he would not take a peek, not even accidentally look at it until they say so. While Ryan hates surprises, he agreed to it for the time being. 

The BIG Reveal

Ryan and Leslie

The next morning the designing team came up, and they start to put all the things together to complete the room. It was time put all the things Leslie has bought to place in the right position, and once that is done, Ryan would be ready for the big real. (Ivermectin) Like the previous day, Ryan was sent out of the home until further notice. 

Before Ryan went into the house, he revealed that he was super nervous because Leslie has put so much effort, which indicates that this is going to be something big. The nervousness and excitement were quite evident in Ryan’s face. 

A Dream Come True 

Finally, Ryan was made to close his eyes while Leslie helped him along with the steps. Once inside the room, you could see the excitement in everyone’s faces. When he saw the room, Ryan could not contain how happy he was. He went to hug the designer for her efforts and then Leslie and his daughter, which made him tear up. He could not believe how perfect the room looked. 

It is beautiful how Ryan and Leslie always share such important moments with their followers. They had shared the entire pregnancy journey with the world, and it was truly beautiful. And we have seen a handful of videos where the couples surprise each other with the most valuable things. They joined YouTube in the year 2013, and along with the channel, we have seen their relationship grow stronger as well. We cannot wait to see what this quirky couple is going to come up with next. 

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