The Witcher Trailer Creating a Massive Buzz for Dark Fantasy Novel Series

Paranormal, dark romances, thrillers, horror are the ‘leading genres that are taking the box office by storm nowadays. More than the realistic or drama series and films, people are showing more in-depth interest in such categories. It is probably be analyzed an escape from the overwhelming realism and everyday life veracity of the twenty-first century.

Millennials and Gen Z are showing some real enthuse in these categories of series and ‘The Witcher’ from the director of Black sais, Rome, Marco Polo, house of cards and last but never the least, ‘The Game of Thrones’ is certainly one of them. The Witcher trailer is one of the most in-the-limelight Netflix series promos that is about to grab your attention very soon. As per the sources, till then, you can quench your thirst with The Witcher trailer.  Here are some of the interest details about your favorite trailer that you have been waiting for.

The two minutes of footage loaded with fascinating thrills

The Witcher trailer is leading at the top even though there are more similar genres of shows available at Netflix and more are about to come. Even though the trailer is action-packed with plenty of fast camera movements, overwhelmingly speedy cinematography, there is no barrier in the understanding of the hints that the particular promo is offering to its audience.

It contains the perfect cuts, macro shots, opening, and introductory pauses and the right amount of actions. In other words, The Witcher trailer provides a perfect storyline in a clarified way, even though the cinematography is purely action-packed. This offers a sense of balance, making the series capable of attracting thriller, fantasy, and action lovers.

What does the Two-minute trailer revolve around? 

So far, the trailer has revealed that the series is going to have a really intriguing storyline. The particular series unfolds on one of the bestselling novels of fantasy by the renowned Sapkowski. A per the sources, the Witcher is considered to be one of the epic stories of family and fate with tinges of magical happenings, witchery, dark enchantments induced subtly into it. It all starts from the main character, who is a lonely evil hunter, often called a monster by the rest of Geralt of Rivia, who struggles plenty to look for a place in a word where humans appear to be much more evil than the actual beasts.

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However, we see when destiny itself dashes hi towards a sorceress and a beautiful young girl with a dark secret; three of them are bound to learn the art of navigating the highly volatile continent as a team. The Netflix trailer of the Witcher demonstrates the series initially shall be focusing I the incredibly powerful and prominent characters, which include the Ciri (Allen), Geralt (Cavill), and Yennefer as they begin to take over the outrageous world.

An overview of the visual effects used in the Witcher trailer

When it comes to the director of the Game of Thrones, you can already guess the level of Visual effects that has been induced in the series of the Witcher. The visual effects team has been trying to make the effects equivalent to the ones of the game of thrones; however, keep the edges unique and add an extraordinary touch to them. The Clear angle studios and the frame store were certainly a part of the VFX works per the recent sources which raised the level of audiences even more. Other than them, there are many other studios that have been a part of the wither series.

The special effects are intricate but have been used quite subtly. Laser lighting, CO2 effects, flying effects, theatrical smoke and fog, pyrotechnics are some of the special effects that have been used quite ‘powerfully but then again rationally throughout the series, making things look more human and realistic compared to that of any other modern fantasy, action-packed episodes. However, the use of atmospheric effects is the most prominent in the series, as shown in the Witcher trailer. In the trailer, during the action shots, you will often see bubbles, snow, flame and confetti.

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The phenomenally designed characters flashed in the Witcher trailer

So, this part will talk about some of the characters of the Witcher. In the Witcher trailer, you are lucky enough to get a glimpse of some of the characters, especially the main ones that will lead the series. The Witcher is already receiving unbelievable compliments and appraisals from the industry because of their extremely strong and well-designed characters, which are to be carried out by the best actors of all time.

We will get to see a lot of female characters in action just like in the Game of Thrones and drifting out of their usual ad typical roles and plays. Triss Merigold, King Foltest, Cirilla, Dandelion, Yennefer are some of the prominent characters in The Witcher series. The Geralt of Rivia, often known as Gwynnbleid, is the one on whom; maximum of the plot is based on and whose face was most prominent in the trailer of the Witcher.

The Witcher trailer booting up game designers and game enthusiasts

It is nothing new that the industry of gaming is booming with the rolling of time. There is constantly a new emergence of game categories and some are even based on the new series. The Witcher seems to be a great opportunity for game designers who are going to attract the fans with excellently designed game interfaces and the amazing characters in them. The Witcher 3 is predicted to be an amazing game that will sweep off players from their feet. It will include amazing hunting experiences, the uses of different weapons. If you are familiar with fantasy role-playing games, it is more or less similar to that.

As said and done, the series will be as intriguing as the novel on which it is based, along with the striking cinematography of the director of the Game of Thrones. There might be some tweaks made in the series to make it more extraordinary as a visual than a reading piece.

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