What does TBT mean? TBT Full Form

what does tbt mean

Do you find that your friend is quite obsessed with using TBT on social media? But you are still in utter confusion about what does TBT mean? You are at the best platform at present. Read on to clear your confusion.

Using acronyms has become a trend on social media. But you can’t use them anywhere, for example you should avoid using them in medical paper or any other type of academic papers.

Get the full form of TBT

Commonly people use TBT as hashtags with their post on social media that stands for Throwback Thursday. That means you can post any old memories or events that happened on a Thursday. Post your picture with TBT followed by a caption, and you are cool instantaneously.

Definition of TBT

In recent times, TBT is the most widely used acronym or slangs on social media. In all over the world, people use this slang to call up some fantastic memories from their previously spent years. That means we use TBT or Throwback to explain anything that has already happened a few times or years ago. Hence Throwback Thursday says someone remembers some favorite memories of Thursday.

How does TBT work?

Anyone can participate in using TBT on social media. People can highlight any incident from his/her past and post it with TBT. The trend is equally popular across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Post can have the contents of the event of a few days ago, or it can be a couple of years ago. There is no limit for the timing at all. It is a hilarious thing to do in your leisure time, and the most exciting thing is that you will have an excellent excuse to post more about you.

Know the origin of TBT

It’s quite unbelievable but Throwback Thursday was originated far before the origination of Instagram and other social networking sites. It got its place in the Urban dictionary in 2003. Before 2011, people used it casually as a retro theme. However, TBT gained much popularity and love after coming to Instagram in November of 2011.

In which format should you use TBT?

Various formats are there to use TBT. Better to say you can use this hashtags in every form. However, the meaning of TBT is the same for all formats. The implication is to call back a particular moment or an event of your past.

You can check these standard formats to use.

  • Photos.
  • Videos.
  • Text.
  • Audio.

What can you post on TBT?

You don’t need to have much experience or millions of followers on your social media to get in on the TBT trend. You need to find an interesting post from your past and make the caption as Throwback Thursday, or Throw back or TBT.

Check out some ideas which you can utilize

Use old photos of your childhood: It is the easiest yet interesting one to do. If you are an adult person, then you might have lots of pictures of yourself as a memory of your childhood times. Just pick some favourite images from there and post it on your preferred social media, it can be the Facebook profile you are using and tag it with TBT.

Use old songs to fetch the past: Though photography is the widely used medium, posting song is also a good trend to follow. People love to listen to the old songs as they always create a nostalgia to everyone’s mind. You can post an old song on social media, or you may take a screenshot of the playlist you are listening to and post on social media. In another way, you can share the YouTube link of the concerned song and post it online.

Post screenshots of the old Facebook memory: You may try this new method too. Just take a screenshot of memories or old tweets or posts which you have shared a few years back on a Thursday. Then share it by tagging Throwback Thursday. You may use Timehop tool to search the old memories of your Facebook account.

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You can also use these tricks to make your posts cooler

Has your crush started following your Insta feeds? It’s time to appear cool in front of him. Try out the suggestions below.

Trend yourself in funny retro styles:

You may find many pictures of your childhood days. Some of them are normal, but most of them are adding cute and funny retro style in your appearance. Select those pictures and post them as they are most attractive than the normal ones.

Make yourself an adorable baby:

It’s common to have photos which are unique from any other pictures. Everyone has these exclusive photos in their childhood album. Check out. You will definitely have more than one. After finding those, post the funniest photos with TBT.

Post the perfect moments of your pets:

It’s unfortunate, but your pets will not live forever. But the best fact is you can capture the moments which you are spending with them as most people have smartphones in their hand. If you uniquely capture their moves, then you can make them immortal forever.

You may have cats, dogs, or rabbits or parrots in your home. Capture them and store it in your drive. You may call up the pictures and post them after they pass away. Though its a bittersweet for you but its a sentimental enjoy.

Pick up the old technology and post:

Before the advent of smartphones, video cassette tapes, video game cassettes, old computer monitor were our favorite things. Though people used it as a mainstream component a few years back, in present times it is a funny thing to use.

Just take a snap of those components if you have those on your home and post it on Facebook or your Instagram page and see what your buddies think about it.

Remember some ridiculous movies or TV shows and share:

Like the old songs maybe you also have a vast stock of funny Tv shows or movies. You might enjoy those on your childhood days. But it’s a weird thing for the present generation kids. That is because the characters, the acting skill and the effects of those shows and movies were not like today. Just crop a particular part of those clips and share by adding TBT and see the feedback of your posts.

Share the fresh memories of your old bedroom or house, and even the job:

With time, some of you need to move on from one location to another. In such cases, you are bound to leave back the most memorable days of our life.

However, you must have to have some pictures of that particular place. It can be the bedroom of your old house or a play garden or maybe a school where you used to go in your childhood days. It can be your job place which you have to leave for some serious reason. In those places, if you don’t go for years, your memories will still be alive.

If you have the pictures of those favorite places of, post it on your favourite social site and give the explanation why it’s so vital for you. Don’t forget to add Trow back Thursday tag. It is recommended to also read our dictionary archive to know more about common acronyms like TBH, Boo and Bae, etc.

Share the funny memories form your vacation trip:

Vacations are always memorable. If you have the smartphone in your hand, then you must be eager to capture the exciting adventures on your vacation trip. Whether you had spent a week with your family in a cottage beside the sea beach or you had to go abroad for higher studies trip always leave some unforgettable memories on your mind.

Just open your travel albums and post the most adventurous photo from the most memorable trip.

The way of playing when you were a kid:

It’s a common thing to keep the favorite toys and items from the childhood days. Maybe you still maintain that old toys, animals, dolls, or a train set that you loved too much when you were a kid. Why not you are taking a simple snap of your favorite toy and tag them as Throwback Thursday. You may also add funny stories like how you used to play with that toy as a kid.

Share the crazy celebration you did with your family:

If you did any usual outing with your family or celebrated some one’s birthday commonly, you took the pictures of that moment. Celebrating Christmas evening, Halloween, New year or college graduation are the significant events of your life. You can use these events as your Throwback Thursday content.

Continue your Thursday throwback to Friday flashback

Some users of social media are not being satisfied with only one day a week. Hence they want to extend it to Friday as well. Friday flashback is mostly similar to Throwback Thursday. However, you should post your content by tagging flashback Friday.

Hashtag every day

Some people on social media want to share posts as Throwback every day. Once or twice in a week is not enough for them. Although they are not popular enough, they search the way to become famous by giving more ideas and posts. You can upload your post any day and tag the Throwback with the day name.

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Variations of TBT hashtag

TBT is the most commonly used slang on the following social media or websites and apps.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Throwback Thursday Instagram

TBT Instagram is a popular slang which is used over the years. In this trend, people often post their photos on Instagram and tag them as Throwback Thursday or TBT. Adding these hashtags on Instagram can help to explore the photos in a greater way to a wider audience who search by using those hashtags.

TBT Facebook

TBT is also a popular slang on Facebook. Facebook users use TBT as a tag caption of their posts. Mostly the photos are of events that happened a few years ago, and people share these memories with the world by tagging it Throwback Thursday.

Throwback Thursday on Twitter

Throwback Thursday gained most popularity on Twitter. People are using TBT with their posts from 2012. Its popularity reached such an extent that Twitter celebrated the 3rd anniversary of TBT in 2015. Now, you get each Thursday to share nostalgic and endearing moments from your past. Be it your favourite movie star or a former president, they all love to share their special moments with the world on Twitter by tagging them with Throwback Thursday.

TBT meaning on Text

You may find TBT on a text. However, in texting TBT has many different purposes as follows.

  1. Throwback Thursday.
  2. Truth be Told.
  3. Thanks but no thanks.
  4. Taco Bell Time.
  5. Today’s Big Thing.
  6. Turn Back Time.

People use Throwback Thursday in texting to explain a photo of past but posted on Thursday. Also, people use TBT to give a description of today’s big thing what he or she has seen. One can also use TBT in between a conversation depicting the past event of a Thursday.

Uses of TBT on gaming

If you find TBT on your game, don’t get confused with Throwback Thursday. TBT has another meaning on gaming. Here TBT stands for turn-based tactics, or it can be towed-bowl tactics. It can also stand for Twisted Brown Tracker. If you are playing Taco bell, then you may get the acronym Taco Bell Time.

Why is TBT so popular as a slang?

Every person loves to remember his old memories of childhood that are almost gone. It can be his school or childhood friends or cultural trends. Trips and vacations which people have previously spent also have sweet memories. So people sometimes love to post them on social media like Instagram or Facebook and make the audience nostalgic. It helps to grab more attention of the viewers and more likes and comments.

Social media is the place where we can update our daily exciting facts or events. But recalling the old memories always need an excuse. TBT is one of the best reasons to call up your good golden days and share it with your friends and family.

The ultimate tricks to become famous on social media by using TBT

Want to become popular on social media with the help of TBT? Here is the solution.

Sharing it on Thursday is a must thing: Post anything you want but make sure you are posting on every Thursday. Honestly, Flashback Friday comes when you forget to post it on Thursday.

It must be old: If you post anything old, people show more interest in that.

Stick to once per week: We all know that no one can get famous in just one day. But if you post photos or videos or events every Thursday per week, eventually you can get more popularity.

Add variations: Posting the same thing on every week doesn’t work. People always love to explore varieties. Hence if you are posting pictures as TBT this week then make sure that you are posting any video clips or other things on the next week to achieve popularity.

Benefits of using TBT on social media

Throwback Thursday is a viral hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It means that using this hashtag can help you to accomplish many crucial things.

  1. Increase engagement: According to the records of Twitter, it’s evident that people who use this hashtag in their post gain more popularity compared to those who don’t use hashtags.
  2. Increase audience: Many people want to explore new hashtags. So if you tag the hashtags on your post, it will be shown on the feed of the other users. Hence they will come to know this new hashtags and will share it with their friends. As a result, you can increase the audience of yourself.
  3. Improve your brand awareness: TBT allows you to share everything about your brandings. You can share your branding stories, old photos, or videos while introducing your brand to the new audience.
  4. Give fame to a new product: If you are launching any new product or service, in that case, you can use TBT to explain the entire history of that new product, which will attract more people. In this case, don’t forget to think out of the box too.
  5. An excellent opportunity for advertisements: If you are going to start an old vintage business, then advertising them on social media by using this hashtag can gain more attraction of the audience. The reason is every people feel nostalgic about the old materials.

In short, you can be assured to do a lot of experimental things by using this hashtag.


Hashtags are exciting and of course, funny things to do on social media. We have cleared out all your confusions regarding what does TBT mean? It’s your turn to use this acronym on your messages. Don’t forget to share your experience, how cool it is to stay on trend?

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