What does TBH Mean? TBH Meaning in Text

TBH Meaning in Text

Got a message from your crush recently? It reads, “TBH; you look cool today’! Now, what does TBH mean? Well, you already know that TBH stands for ‘To be Honest.’ But ever wondered thinking that this message might have some other connotations too!

A Clear Overview of Internet Slangs

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Use of acronyms in written communication

In recent time, written acronyms have become hot cake among teens. Likewise, the internet is flooding with many sorts of abbreviations. The number is increasing by leaps and bounds, and it’s becoming tough to keep a track. Naturally, you are going to develop a keen interest in knowing the term ‘TBH’ when you see it in a message.

TBH that initially meant ‘to be honest’ has taken a new meaning, the moment it was popularized among the teens. Initially, people used the expression while discussing some severe issue.

For example-

Person 1- How to accept all the refugees at present? Right now, our city can hardly deal with the population.

Person 2- TBH, they will be useful right now for our community. We can engage them as workers.

What does TBH mean in recent times?

Over time, the term TBH was made famous by the teens. They started using this term mainly while using Tumblr and Instagram. In both platforms, it was used to seek attention. This acronym gradually became a popular expression to compliment someone. People started using it on a positive note. To be precise, TBH is used to gather likes on Instagram. For example,- “give me a TBH” or “reply to get a TBH.”

In other words, based on the context, the usage of the term, to be honest, can be complimentary or critical. Sometimes, the use of TBH can bring about a harmful result. When you use this term to explain someone’s physical appearance, it can result in something abusive. On the other hand, when you comment with TBH in someone’s photo, the tone is complimentary.

The popularity of the word took the shape of a mini-movement. The teens started to use the expression extensively to express their feeling about a person. However, some people began using the term to bully others on social media. The word gradually lacked its initial popularity, and the TBH blog was also put down. Somewhere in 2017, the TBH app. Facebook was also shut down.

However, if you are confused about the proper usage of the term, scroll down.

How it all started?

TBH has a more specific use as a noun. Posting TBH for someone means you feel something sweet or you honestly feel good about that person. The trend of using TBH began in 2011 when a prompt “LMS for TBH,” went viral overnight. “LMS for a TBH” means something like my status for TBH. An Instagram user got many likes on her pictures because she had posted several images saying, “like my pictures for TBH, comment when done.”

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By doing this, she got many likes, and every one replied with a #TBH. The famous give me a TBH strategy made skyrocketing popularity among the teenagers at the initial time, around 2011 to 2017.

But the acronym lacks its popularity at present. Due to excessive use to draw people’s attention, the trend eventually fades away. The abbreviation has secured its position in daily conversations, mainly in written communications. There is another common acronym that is bae, you can know about the real meaning of bae and how to use it while texting someone.

Alternate meanings of to be honest

Besides “to be honest,” TBH also stands for some other phrases. Check the list below-

  • To Be Healthy
  • To Be Hired
  • To Be Heard
  • To Be Helpful
  • To Be Hated

Usage of TBH more than an acronym or internet slang

  • TBH is an airport code of Tugdan airport which is in the Philippines.
  • Tatibahar, a rail station situated in Assam, India has TBH as its code.
  • “The Back Horn” or TBH is a Japanese musical group.
  • Tharawal is a regional language of Australia, and the short form is TBH.

How to use alternate meanings of the acronym TBH

To be healthy-

‘To be honest,’ is a famous phrase used in written conversations. Sometimes it is necessary to denote a particular type of feelings regarding someone’s health.

Use of “To Be Healthy” (TBH) phrase in sentences-

  • To be healthy is the primary goal of his life.
  • To be healthy is better than being rich.
  • He exercises every day to be healthy.

To be hired-

To be hired phrase is mainly used for business purpose-written conversations. To be hired is one of the most used phrases in the said niche. TBH acronym regarding business communication gives a quick but complete sense of hiring

Use of “To Be Hired” (TBH) phrase in sentences-

  • He is to be hired soon by the new manager.

To be helpful-

To be helpful is generally used to convey a helping sense. It helps to speed up texting conversation.

Use of “To Be Helpful” (TBH) phrase in sentences-

  • To be helpful is a sign of dignity.

Use of To Be Honest (TBH), in social media

For reacting at a comment or text, including TBH, you need to consider with whom you are communicating. It can be a friend, a colleague, a girl, or any family member. Every person has a different perspective to convey their words. TBH only stands for “to be honest,” but the abbreviation can have different meanings for different people.

When you are talking to your friend

If you are talking to your friend, then you may have a gossiping and exciting chat. See the examples below-

  • #TBH, we must plan a trip this weekend.
  • TBH we should go to his party.
  • To be honest, we should hang out together.
  • TBH I know everything about her.

While having a conversation with your colleagues

When you are in the office and talking to your colleagues, you may receive some work-related texts or similar communications like TBH,-

  • Tell me where the file is?
  • You are not reaching your target.
  • We must complete this project within two weeks.
  • The boss is not paying attention to my promotion.
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When talking with a girl

While talking to a girl, start your conversation with the ‘to be honest’ hashtag and follow with the expressions below-

  • You are beautiful.
  • You are very much charming, can we meet?
  • I like your eyes.
  • You are so open-minded.

TBH for your crush

Try to be honest while talking to your crush. Take the bold step of talking your heart out. That might lighten up the spark, and you two might end up changing your relationship status to ‘in a relationship with Mr./Miss. Crush’. You can send one or more #TBH messages to melt his/her heart. Here are a few examples to try on.

  • TBH you are the only person with whom I have ever spent so much of time.
  • #TBH your attitude was hurting, but I’m learning to get over it.
  • TBH, you are so beautiful, and we should talk more
  • TBH, you are my best friend, and I treasure every moment we have spent together
  • #TBH, you are a beautiful soul, and your eyes reflect it.
  • TBH, I wonder why I didn’t notice you before, but now I can’t ignore you and walk away.

How to react or respond to a TBH on Instagram?

Often you have faced many comments on Instagram and Facebook, which contains #TBH. Some people intentionally try to bully others. Now, how to deal with that bullying comments? First of all, you need to fix a simple thing in your mind that these bullying comments are useless and you have got nothing to do with it. Just ignore it, there is no surge to respond. You need to move on. In case of facing insults, make a witty TBH back response. Don’t reply to such comments until you are in a conversation or the chatbox.

Know about TBH and rates

People often upload their status on Instagram with the caption like ‘TBH and rates.’ Such a caption bears a different connotation and elevates the level of excitement. The status means that you are giving the chance to rate the picture you posted somewhere in between 1 to 10. Now imagine your picture is rated 10/10. Undoubtedly your photo is out of the box and bears some attractive or funny element.

TBH rate and date- what does that mean?

Irrespective of the sexes, the meaning of dating is clear to everyone. However, the concept of ‘to be honest rate and date’ has nothing to do with a romantic or sexual date. The process of dating on Instagram is different from a real-life dating scenario. When you post a picture or status on Instagram with the TBH dating hashtag, people who are interested in the date will ping you. They will either like your status or comment. You can then choose the one you like.

TBH and Twitter

Twitter is equally popular as a social media site. On this platform, you can build up followers based on values and common interests. Hashtags are the most famous in Twitter compared to the other social media platforms. That means if you share something on Twitter, with #TBH, all your followers will click on the #. People will understand easily what you are trying to say with the #TBH expression. On this social media platform, people use the hashtag to share their genuine opinion about some recent event that is trending. You can also use it as a game or to share a photo from their respective Instagram or Facebook account.

Now what? Are you thinking of setting a new trend using the hashtag TBH? Go ahead, we are always with you.

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